OCTPATH ​​Release Celebration Advertising



Hello. I'm Kobayashi of the JEKI support advertising secretariat.

Introducing the release of OCTPATH's release that released the 2nd Single "Perfect" in June! !

I want to celebrate the release!

We received a consultation to celebrate with the cat's topic Shinjuku Vision!

Cross Shinjuku vision has recently been in many inquiries.
In addition, because there is a live broadcast, it is a place where distant people can watch ads in real time.

In addition, in the Osaka area, advertising is also available in dragonfly vision and edion!
It was a celebration advertisement in two areas and three places!

Interview with planning organizations

Planned "💜OCTPATH ​​support project💜I received a comment from Mr..

-What made you want to get a cheering advertisement?

When I issued an ad for the debut celebration
Thme (Octpath
Fan name)I was very excited about the warmth of my heart.
Even with singleThmeofOCTPATHIt is a reason that I wanted to deliver it to the members in the form of the feeling of cheering.

-What was the difficult and difficult thing through planning?

2Although it was unknown how many investors would gather, I was very worried about how much budget to select the posting location.

I am really grateful that many people have been able to spread the tweets for supporting and cooperate.

-How did you actually implement the project?

I am very happy to be able to broadcast safely thanks to a lot of cooperation.

A lot of support advertisements this timeThmeofOCTPATHI felt the warmth and the passion of supporting, so
I think it would be nice to reach the members.

-What kind of support do you want to support in the future?

I haven't decided what to do in the future yet,
For many people in the futureOCTPATHTo spread
In order to deliver the feelings of supporting the members
I hope we can continue supporting advertisements.

Thank you for your hard work!

"Beautiful market?!" If you see it in the city, you will want to see it to the end👀

At Cross Shinjuku Vision, the combination of still images and videos is creative according to signage.

This is all handmade by fans!
We are surprised by the power of the fans every day! !
Design production can be helped by our company, so please be assured for the first time!