OCTPATH ​​Fuyuma's birth advertisement



This is Kawahara of the JEKI support advertising secretariat.

Today, we will send you a birthday advertisement for Boys Group OCTPATH ​​Fuyuma, which was celebrated on February 21st.

In three places, Shibuya, Osaka, and Nagoya, we helped post posters celebrating their birthday.

Planned fan group "OCTPATH ​​Fuyuma FANPAGE" We received comments from everyone!

 ―What made you want to get a support advertisement?

Originally, I have been participating in the operation of the fan page since Fuyuma -kun was appearing on an audition program called "PRODUCE101 JAPAN SEASON2".

 After the program, I wanted to convey my love and gratitude to Fuyuma -kun that the fans are still cheering, so I decided to plan my birthday.

 In fact, the project was launched before the formation of the OCTPATH ​​was announced, so the debut of Fuyuma was a really happy news, strengthening our thoughts on this project.

You had been preparing for a birthday plan before the formation of octpath! OCTPATH's debut was February 9, and Fuyuma's birthday was a double celebration on February 21!

 -Has it been difficult to implement the project?

First of all, the permit of the use of the invoice photo did not appear to the last minute of the deadline.

 If possible, I want many people to see the face of Fuyuma -kun, so I wanted to use a photo, but since it was before the debut, there was no advertisement rules, so I wonder if I will make it with illustrations. ,
In the first place, it was difficult to post an advertisement, and it was difficult to make a full -scale production, and the schedule was uneasy.

 Design charge:
In terms of design, I had a hard time how to develop it in a limited material.

In this case, it was time -consuming to make a few patterns of advertising for one of the photos of Fuyuma -kun, and it took as much design to be as good as possible and to be the same quality.

(This time, we have posted an advertisement in Jakarta, Indonesia, the hometown of Fuyuma, in addition to three locations in Japan.)

 After that, I was a little worried about the area occupied by the contents (such as CD information).

Even if there were too many, it would be difficult to understand the main purpose (celebrating your birthday), and if it was too small, the information would not be transmitted, so it was difficult to salt plums.

 All ads are large, so I had a hard time to predict the design when it became a full size.

I actually went to see the advertisement, but the design was so bright that it was really nice!
I guess passers -by people don't think that the fans were designed. The quality was so high.

Also, since it was an advertising project with support from fans, the pressure of not wasting your precious money was great.

 When I actually started recruiting investment, I received a lot of support more than I expected, and I was really happy and I felt more tightened.

―How did you actually implement your birthday project?

It was a big deal, but it was best to post an advertisement.

I actually went and went to see it, but some people passed by
"Oh, Fuyuma -kun, it's your birthday."
"Touma -kun's advertisement design is cute"
I was very happy to hear that he was talking.

 I was really grateful and happy to see that the fans went up to SNS.

 The most happy thing was that he went to see the advertisement and uploaded the photo to SNS.

 I was able to make myself happy, and I was glad that I was doing this project.

Thanks to the cooperation of various people, I can have a wonderful experience, and I am really grateful and relieved.

I saw Fuyuma's SNS!
He was posted on SNS to the fans along with the photos of visiting their birthday advertisements!

I was impressed by the fans' thoughts reached the person and communicating through SNS! 

-What kind of support do you want to support in the future?

In the future, although it is a little power, I hope that Fuyuma -kun and Fuyuma -kun fans will be pleased, so I hope that Fuyuma -kun will be able to convey the love of fans.

Supported advertisements can shake our feelings for our recommendations, and by advertising to an unspecified number of people, it will lead to new fans, so if you have the opportunity in the future, I would like to post it again. 。

In addition, this time, we celebrated our debut, advertising, and decided to be a project that gave priority to advertising effects.

OCTPATH ​​Fuyuma FANPAGEThank you for your wonderful comments!
I was happy to be able to help me.

Cheering advertisements will not only shake your feelings, but also lead to the opportunity for many people to know.