Supported advertisements can be posted on "SHIBUYA109 Shibuya" and "Magnet by Shibuya109"!



It is JEKI support advertising secretariat "Cheering AD".

If you want to post a cheering ad,
In a place that stands out as much as possible for pushing ...!
I want to go out to a famous place ...!

I guess there are many people who think.
For such people, it is an introduction of a new support advertising medium!

To the media of Shibuya's representative spots "SHIBUYA109 Shibuya" and "Magnet by Shibuya109", we will start accepting consultations on sticky (sticky) advertisements and collaboration cafes (cup holder events) as well as posting support ads! (There are some media/conditions)

 SHIBUYA TUTAYA and Tower Records are nearby, so as a release celebration, there are many concert live venues in Shibuya, so it is perfect for live celebration.
If you are interested, please contact the JEKI Support Secretariat.

◆ Sticky advertisement

If you want to give a support ad, you want to do it once!

Message for your thoughts on pushing! "Sticky notes advertisement"

Until now, there was no place in Shibuya where "sticky notes advertising" could be made,

The board on the first floor of "Magnet by Shibuya109", which is guided this time, is a spot that everyone knows from the scrambled intersection immediately from Shibuya Station!

It is possible to carry out "sticky notes advertisements" in the hottest place.

Sticky notes advertising planning fee: The amount fluctuates depending on the number of days of sticky advertising planning
Masu. Please contact us.

* There are various precautions for implementation. Please contact us for details.
* The posting fee includes the production and installation cost.

◆ Vision

SHIBUYA109 Supported advertisements can be posted on the large vision on the second floor inside the Shibuya store!

 * There are various precautions for implementation. Please contact us for details.

◆ Collaboration cafe (cup holder event)

At a cafe in "SHIBUYA109 Shibuya store" and "Magnet by Shibuya109"
Cup holder events are available for consultation!
There is no doubt that it will be even more exciting if it is held with sticky notes!
* There are some restrictions on the content and time for implementation. Please contact us for details, including the fee.

Shibuya109 Shibuya store


Magnet by shibuya109