You can get a support advertisement to the magazine "Soccer Digest"!



Soccer digest support advertisement

It is JEKI support advertising secretariat "Cheering AD".

Today, a supporter must -see!

The most read soccer magazine for soccer enthusiastsWe have started handling the advertising slot of "Soccer Digest"!

◆ What is "soccer digest"?

Renewed as a monthly magazine from July this year.
We will continue to provide a book that condenses all information about domestic soccer such as the Japanese national team and the J -League.
A long -established soccer specialty magazine that has been delivering the world and Japanese soccer situation for over 40 years provides support for ale and support messages to playersWould you like to put it on?

Soccer digest support advertisement

◆ What is support advertising?

What is support advertising?"Congratulations on winning!" "Congratulations on participating in the game!" "I'll do my best to win next year!"Based on such "feelings", fans, not companies, become advertisers and advertise to support their recommendations.

◆ Information at the supporter special price!

This time, "Soccer digest supporter"Supported advertisement plan is available!

Soccer digest support advertising _ Product

1 page 1 page in the middle color 500,000 yen(Tax excluded)

Inc. 4th color 4 vertical 1/3 210,000 yen(Tax excluded)

Please check this out for details.

Why do not you implement support advertising in magazines that can be left at your hand?

We look forward to your inquiry!