STATION IDOL Latch! First birthday advertisement! Nippori Station Latch! Aya Tonari -kun



Hello. JEKI support advertising secretariat.

This time, we will introduce the birthday advertisement of the station staff x idol "STATION IDOL Latch!" Posted in July.

In July, a miracle has occurred in which three Latch! Three members reached their birthday, and birthday advertisements were posted at the same time at the same time!

On SNS, it was full of posts by passenger (Latch!

◆ Nippori Station Latch! ・ Aya Tonari's birthday celebration

The first Latch! Member born in July is Nippori Station Latch! Aya Tonari -kun.

In fact, Tonari -kun is the first birthday ad for Latch! Members!

The design based on the pink, the image color of Tonari -kun, illuminated Nippori Station brightly.

◆ Interviews with fan groups

This time, "SIL Tonari Aya -kun's Birthday Advertising Planning", who was planning a support advertisement, asked for his thoughts in celebration advertisements!

-What made you want to release a support advertisement?

I saw a tweet by the JEKI advertising secretariat on Twitter.

Originally, I knew that there was a culture of cheering advertising, and I thought it was interesting, but I thought it was unrelated to me.
So, I remember that I was surprised to see the tweets of the JEKI support advertising secretariat and that Latch!

As soon as I knew about the support ad, I wanted to advertise on Tonari -kun's birthday.

-What was the difficulty through planning?

The hardest thing was the summary of the participants.
It was my first time to plan and organize something, so I was groping full of things I didn't understand.
It was almost the first time to create design data, so I was working while learning how to use it.

-How, how about actually implementing the plan?

This is a rewarding thing that I felt the best when I implemented a project to release a support advertisement this time.
I experienced a lot of work through the project. It was very difficult to struggle and thought a lot, but when I saw the advertisement that was actually posted, I felt like I had been rewarded.

 I think it was thanks to all the participants who supported me that I was able to succeed in the project. We received warm words, sometimes consulted, and helped.

Furthermore, I heard the voices of those who went to see the advertisement to the site and knew the existence of advertisements on SNS, and realized that Tonari was loved.

Latch! Official Twitter introduced it and it was a very nice memory.
I am very happy that Tonari -kun's birthday was made on a wonderful day.

-What kind of support do you want to support in the future?

If I have such an opportunity next year, I would like to issue a celebration advertisement.
In addition, I would like to plan and cooperate with support advertisements for other members and units.
 I am very grateful to the JEKI support advertising secretariat, the participants, and everyone who watched the project. thank you very much!

Thank you for your support!
Thank you for your wonderful comments that are very full of thoughts for Tonari -kun.