STATION IDOL Latch! 3rd birthday advertisement! (Last episode) Nishi -Nippori Station Latch! Suwa Sea Haru -kun & Masahiro Ito w Celebration!



Hello. JEKI support advertising secretariat.
The third birthday advertisement of the station staff x idol "STATION IDOL Latch!"

July LATCH! Miracles with three birthday advertisements of three members! !
This time in the last episode

Introducing the advertisement of the birthday celebration of Masahiro Ito, who is in charge of the character voice with Nishi -Nippori Station in charge of the character voice.

◆ Birthday celebration at Nishi -Nippori Station!

Nishi -Nippori Station Latch! Suwa Umiharu was born on July 21
The voice actor in charge of the character voice Masahiro Ito was born on July 24, and there are two people who happen to have a birthday.

Masahiro Ito was also certified by a birthday advertisement that celebrated them!

The photos of the scenery of Nishi -Nippori taken by Masahiro Ito are very nice!

◆ Interviews with fan groups

This time, "Suwa Umi Haru -kun was planned♥Mr. Masahiro Ito's birthday support advertising planned about his thoughts in celebration advertising!

-What made you want to get a cheering advertisement?

LATCH! 1st I saw that cheerling ad was out of the booth during the live, and I learned that I could give a support advertisement.

I thought it would be nice if I could celebrate my birthday at Nishi -Nippori Station on Sea Haru -kun on the birthday of Suwa Umi -kun.

At the same time, Masahiro Ito's birthday, who is the character voice of Sea Haru -kun, was close to it, so I would like to celebrate together! I thought about it.

-What was the difficulty through planning?

I was very worried that the voice actor office would get permission to post.

When creating an ad, it was my first time to create a large poster called B1 size, so I was very worried about the size of the letters and the arrangement of illustrations.

-How did you actually implement the project?

 Cheerling ad did all the procedures and permission, so I was able to concentrate on creating posters!

At the time of posting, I saw a lot of passenger (fan)! I was able to report.

In addition, I was very happy that I was introduced to the Latch official, and Masahiro Ito himself went to the place where the supported ad was posted and took a picture together!

-What kind of support do you want to support in the future?

It was really fun to release support advertisements this time, so if I have the opportunity, I would definitely like to give a support advertisement.

I would like to tell my favorite Latch!, Masahiro Ito about my love.

Thank you for your hard work.
I am very happy that I knew the support advertisement at the event of "1st Live" All ABOARD !! "" held in March 2022!

Latch! Born in July is the article of the members here