STATION IDOL Latch! 1st anniversary celebration advertisement



Hello. JEKI Cheering Advertising Secretariat Cheering AD (Cheerling Ad).

Today, I would like to introduce a support advertisement celebrating the first anniversary of station staff x idol "STATION IDOL Latch!"


The one -year activity of Latch! And the heartfelt messages of Passenger (a general term for Latch! Fans) are spelled out.
It seems that the characters at each station were collected by passenger people!



We asked the passenger's congratulatory advertisement from Passenger's Congratulations, who was planning a support advertisement this time!

〇What made you want to get a support advertisement?

-I learn that the support advertisement for Station Idol Latch! It started on Twitter, but that was just two months before the first anniversary.

On a memorable day to be welcomed for the first time, I decided to give a support advertisement as a passenger, thanking Latch!

〇What was difficult and difficult throughout the plan?

-The summary of the participants and creating a design were especially difficult.
I had hardly used the design software, so I was editing while examining how to use it in the video.

In addition, the schedule from the start of planning to the date of advertising was severe, and it was a game every day until the data was completed.

〇 How did you actually implement the project?

-I think that this project could be safely done until the end because the participants supported the participants.

I had a gentle word, helped me prepare, and had a lot of warm care.

In addition, I heard the voices of those who saw the ad on SNS photos and those who actually visited the site, and through this project, I felt that the passenger circle was further expanded.

Latch! Official Twitter introduced it, and it was a wonderful memory for the organizer and the participants.

I am very pleased to have celebrated the first anniversary with you.

〇 What kind of support do you want to support in the future?

-If you have the opportunity, I hope that you can recruit participants and convey your gratitude on milestone days and events.

Thank you for your cooperation, all of the JEKI Support Advertising Secretariat, the officials, and the participants.

Planning, thank you very much!

You said you were unfamiliar with editing, but I still want to support you! I want to celebrate! It was a wonderful anniversary advertisement that conveyed the feeling of "like" that tries to make the feeling of this shape like this!

I can help you with the 1st anniversary support advertisement to commemorate!