& Team debut celebration advertisement


& Team support advertisement


This is Kawahara of the JEKI support advertising secretariat.

Today we will introduce a support advertisement for the new star "& TEAM", which has been long -awaited on December 7, 2022.

The nine global group "& TEAM" was born from the audition program "& Audition -The Howling-".

"Cheering advertisements" by fans were posted in the city during the broadcast of the program, which had a great response.

Supported advertisements by LUNé (fan name) have been developed all over Japan according to the debut of the long -awaited "& Team"!

◆ Celebration with a large poster of 8m long size

Greater than you imagined! I can't fit in the photo! And "FUMA JAPAN FANBASE" supported advertisement, which was also talked about on SNS.

 "JR Long Size Ikebukuro", which can post B0 × 5 pieces on the north passage outside the ticket gate of JR Ikebukuro Station, is a very popular place for entertainment companies such as animation and manga.

The advertising slot will be sold out immediately, so we recommend that you keep the advertising frame three months before posting.


 "FUMA JAPAN FANBASE", who was planning a support ad, commented!

I advertised to celebrate & Team FUMA -kun's debut.

When I posted the ad, I was a little worried that the only contact was email. Most of the staff and investors were online exchanges, so I felt difficult.

We are grateful to the JEKI support advertising secretariat, such as sending photos and videos, to the end. thank you very much!

I'm the one who should be thanking you! I think it was hard to post, but it was a very nice advertisement!

◆ Celebration in 4 cities all over Japan

The next one will be supported by the & TEAM Fundam posted in four cities, Tokyo/Aichi/Osaka/Fukuoka.

It would be nice to be able to develop a big development when everyone gathered ◎

 We received a comment from "& Team Japan" who planned this support advertisement!

Looking at EJ's advertisement, I learned that advertising could be issued in Japan, so I started planning support advertisements.

 One of the difficulties throughout the plan is to prepare for SNS posting. It was the hardest to create a map and announcement image of the posting location yourself.

When I actually posted it, I was pleased by the Lunés in rural areas because I was able to advertise nationwide. It looks smaller than I thought B0 size would be stuck on the station, so I wanted to support it in a larger size.

Thank you for posting advertisements in 4 cities! I think that the preparation was difficult as the number of posts increased.

SNS was also exciting with authentication shots from Luné nationwide!

I am looking forward to & Team's success!