Tokyo Dome City's advertising frame is further powered up! If you want to put out a cheering advertisement (Senil ad)!



Tokyo Dome Support Advertising

It is JEKI support advertising secretariat "Cheering AD".

Did you know that support advertisements (Senil ads) can be aired at Tokyo Dome City, where Tokyo Dome is located, the sacred place of entertainment?

The other day, the 22/7 (Nanani) fan group, which is aiming to hold a live at Tokyo Dome, posted a support advertisement, and many were visiting advertisements!

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Not only concerts and games celebration, but also the vision of Tokyo Dome City is also recommended for the "support advertisement (Senil advertisement)" for artists who are aiming for Tokyo Dome like this time!


This time, we will introduce the support advertisement of Tokyo Dome City, which has increased the number of posts and has been powered up.

Tokyo Dome City Visions Basic Set (5 sides)

During the period from April 1, 2024 (Monday) to September 30, 2024 (Monday), these five "basic sets" are prioritized.

⑤ 22 Gate Square vision has been added, powering up on a total of 5 sides!

The 22 -gate vision where many people gather is a pear pear! !

The broadcast period can be selected for 7 days and 3 days.

In the case of seven days, the broadcast starts on Monday, and the 3rd is an arbitrary three days.

Video will be broadcast 155 times a day because it will be broadcast every 6 minutes for 15 seconds!

 5 -sided set, I want to do it, but it's quite a price, but we are also preparing this time!

If there is a free frame in , The basic set frame is open, and you can purchase it on a "single unit".Will be.

* We are not sure that advertising slots can be secured, so please understand in advance.

* In addition to the license of the affiliated office, it is also necessary to confirm the event organizer.

Also, please be careful as the schedule up to the post will be tight.


Tokyo Dome City Visions Basic Set Open Plan

① 25 Gate Square L Vision

This is a vision on the conductor from Korakuen Station to Tokyo Dome City.
Great impact!

② Prism Hall Tower Vision

This is a large vision on the conductors from JR Suidobashi Station to Tokyo Dome.
This is also a big impact!

Yellow Building Station side vision

From JR Suidobashi StationWhen Tokyo Dome CityIt is a vision that first comes into view.

④ Lakua Square Vision

There is a shopping facility in the surrounding area, which can be spread to customers.

⑤22 Gate Square Vision

A vision located at 22 gates that you will always visit when there is a performance or game at Tokyo Dome. Pears that will get a lot of attention!


If there is a free frame in , You can purchase an ad,The submitted data will be delivered 7 business days before the start of the broadcast (there will be a design screening by the media company before that).Please note that the schedule is tight.

* If you cut it for two months on the system, you will not be able to choose the "desired date of posting", so please select the shortest posting date to select and write "●/● request to post" in the remarks column.

About artist's portrait rights and copyright

For artistsIntellectual property rights such as portrait rights and copyrightYes, if you infringe them, you will violate the law.

Photos, videos, and music used in cheering ads can only be broadcast and posted with materials that have cleared these two rights.

Not only in Japan, but also during the Tokyo Dome performance of overseas artists,Permit of posting advertisements to affiliated office and image permit is requiredis.

For example, in the case of K-POP idols, support advertisements (Senil advertising) are posted in the photographic material taken by the master, in Korea.When issuing support advertisements in Japan, it is necessary to get permission from your office for materials used on the official website and official SNS.

Even in the case of K-POP idols, please be sure to check with your office.

Please leave the license of Japanese artists to Cheering AD!


How about an advertisement for Tokyo Dome City for the "long -awaited first dome! Celebration", "Dome celebration", and "Celebration of the Performance in Japan"? Please feel free to contact us.