Support YouTuber! ? Pocky's birthday advertisement



I'm Kobayashi of the JEKI support advertising secretariat!

For the first time, we have helped you with YouTuber's support advertising!

I was showing a different excitement from the idol, and I helped me with excitement together.

This time, I will introduce the development at that time!

During the posting period, Pocky himself was also coming!

I commented on joy in the video, and I was very happy!

Of the planned fan group Pocky Fandom I received a comment!

-How did you decide to give a support advertisement?

I simply decided to advertise because I wanted Pocky and fans to be pleased.

As a K-POP fan, I have been watching a fan on Twitter and others on the fact that the fans advertise to the station on their birthdays.

I just wanted to do it someday, but I still want to see a happy face! To commemorate my birthday and essay sales, I put a station poster at Shinjuku Station on the subway.

For K-POP fans, support advertisements are longing!

I want to put it out! I think there are many people who seem to be difficult even if they think.

Even if you are new to posting support advertisements, please be assured that we will support you from one.

-How did you actually implement the project?

Thanks to Pocky talked about advertisements through retweets and videos, there was a lot of response.

I also went to see the ad direct,
I was so happy that some people were taking pictures with the poster, and some people who looked at the poster, "Pocky of the game commentary" (crying).

 And Pocky himself was very happy to see the poster! !

I think that many people are pleased, and I think this is the meaning of doing this project.

The response of SNS was amazing!

Cheering advertisements are the best to be pleased with the person, but this is also an opportunity to connect with fans.

In K-POP, support advertisements that are natural are still low in Japan.
I guess it was one of the widespread support advertisements to the YouTuber world!

-What kind of activities do you want to do in the future?

From the next time (when posting support advertisements), I will call on fans for cooperation through Twitter.

I always share "fun" and get energetic, so I hope I can return it in a form.

Kobayashi: It's wonderful! Thank you very much for the project!

Cheering advertisements are stuck in the thoughts of fans!

Now that there are fewer opportunities to thank you, cheering advertisements are one option to convey your feelings.