I cooperated with the TV Tokyo "Cream Dodge Boys"


Sticky notes _ Supported advertisement

6/9 (Fri.) Midnight 24: 52 -Broadcasting TV Tokyo drama 25 "Counddoji Boys" The 9th episode of the JEKI support advertising secretariat "Cheering AD (Cheerling Ad)" cooperated and cooperated.

The cheering advertising original media "sticky notes advertisement" created by "Cheering AD" has appeared in the drama!

In Korea, it is a "sticky note advertisement" that puts a sticky note that writes a message to the recommended advertisement, but how! Cheering AD has the first "sticky advertisement" in Japan.

 Please see this article for details.


Message for your thoughts on pushing! "Sticky notes advertisement"

Nowadays, there are many inquiries, and it is a popular support advertising menu.

How about a support advertisement to deliver a message to the push?

Drama 25 "Cream Dodge Boys" Episode 9 (Fri) Midnight 24: 52 -TV Tokyo series

Turning now, Yuta Nakamoto (NCT 127), Makoto Fujioka, Makoto Sakurada, and Takumi Kawanishi (JO1) will be the starring TV Tokyo drama 25 "Cooldoji Boys" (every Friday 0: 52 -Shore 1:23 )Do not miss it!