"Cheering AD Online" service has started!


Supported advertisement Cheering AD Online

Thank you for always asking for a lot of inquiries!

The JEKI support advertising secretariat "Cheering AD" allows you to search, apply, and settle "support advertisements" so that many customers can easily post support ads.Cheering ADOnline (Cheerling Ad online) will start on April 5th.

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Here are three points of the newly reborn "Cheering AD Online".

1. Easy even for beginners! Up to "search", "application", and "payment" of support advertisements are completed on the site

Supported advertisement_cheeringad Online _ Easy 3 steps 

The support advertisement "search", "application", and "payment" have been completed on the site.

Not only areas that are popular with cheering advertisements, but also ads near the event venue, even beginners can easily search and apply for ads, such as the narrowing function of budget.

Payments are also supported by bank transfer and "credit payment", which had been requested by many customers!

We also have a page that summarizes the questions received from customers and chat bot functions that can quickly solve questions and anxiety about posting support advertising.

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2. Leave the negotiations with your affiliated office!

The complex negotiations with the office and rights of "pushing"jekiPlease leave it to the support advertising secretariat!

"Supported advertisement" posting permit / license for materials/We will make arrangements on behalf of fans.


3. Number of support advertisementsNo.1

We handle media in various types and price range throughout Japan.

Not only popular media in cheering advertisements such as station posters, outdoor visions, sticky notes, etc. This time, we will also start a new medium.

・ Advertising medium of "Animate Ikebukuro Main Store" that opened on March 16, 2013


others,Supported ads that can be developed by AnimateMany are also available.

・ Advertising media of the commercial facility "HEP FIVE" in Osaka Umeda


・ Advertising in the metaarth space in "Reality" for smartphones


From the topic real stores to the digital space, we will continue to have more media that can make "push" more exciting.

Even beginners can easily apply for support advertisingCheering ADPlease try online.