The 1st anniversary of "Cheerling Ad Online"!


JEKI Cheering Advertising Secretariat Cheering AD 1st Anniversary

"Cheering AD Online" celebrated its first anniversary since its opening on April 5, 2023.

Power up in response to the voices of everyone who used it!
For details, please see the special site.

The 1st anniversary of "Cheerling Ad Online"! Special page

Click here for the special page of Cheering AD 1st anniversary.

"CheerRing AD" will help fans around the world, not only in Japan, to support the desire to support.

Cheerad -chan's Senil advertisement has been issued!

To commemorate the 1st anniversary [to JR Shinjuku Station4/15 (Mon) -21 (Sun)]I got Senil advertising (support advertising).

📍Inside JR Shinjuku Station

Have you post it as a supporting advertisementCheerado is full of happy!

If you see it, don't forget to take a picture! A nice gift will be hit!

With gratitude to everyone who has been patronizing it on a daily basis, we will carry out "Cheerad -chan will support you! Campaign!"

You can experience cheering advertising for free! Present campaign!

■ How to participate
In addition to the photos of Cheerad -chan found from 4/15 (Mon) to April 21 (Sun), the followingPost to X (old Twitter)!
・ Photos of Senil advertising of "Cheering AD"
・ "#CiAd -chan" hash dug
・ Name of you

■ The hashtag to be attached is [ #Ciado -chan 
Don't forget!

■ For 2 people by lottery, [Advertisement for Supporting you] Hits the experience!
We will present [support advertising rights] to two people by lottery from those who posted!

* The target station is JR Shinjuku Station, or JR Ikebukuro Station, and the start date is until the end of December 2024.
* For you, check the right from the JEKI support advertising secretariat.
Please note that there is a possibility that you may not be able to get a license from the recommended office. In that case, the support advertisement cannot be posted.

■ Retweets are also OK!
I couldn't find Cheerado's Senil advertising! Please be assured that such people! For example, someone posted, "It's OK to retweet with a comment on the post of Cheerad -chan's Senil advertising!

■ Application deadline: Until 23:59 (Sun) 23:59

We look forward to your post of cheerleading advertising!