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DLEAGUE support advertisement


Hello. It is JEKI support advertising secretariat "Cheering AD".

This time, from Friday, April 19, 2024, the world's highest dance league "D.LEAGUE (D League)We have started accepting support advertisements!

For Championship (CS), which will decide the winning team of this season, held on June 9 (Sun), we will not deliver an ale with support advertisements while the intense battle of the world's highest dance team is extremely high. mosquito.

■ What is support advertising?

Cheering advertisements can post advertisements supporting teams participating in "D.LEAGUE" and D -Leaguers, such as "Aim, win the league!"

Depending on the content and purpose of the support, you can select the posting location and the design of the advertisement by the fans.

It is a culture from Korean idol fans, and in Japan, it is performed in various methods, mainly in traffic advertisements and outdoor advertisements such as stations, trains, and billboards in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

■ Support advertising rules

In posting support advertising"D.LEAGUE" support advertising rulesPlease check carefully and comply with it.

The JEKI Support Advertising Secretariat "Cheering AD" will be performed for contacts related to support advertising, such as permission to "D.LEAGUE" and design screening.

We ask that you can enjoy support with peace of mind and follow the rules to avoid trouble.

[Official photo for support advertising materials]

・ The material that can be used when posting a D.LEAGUE support advertisement (hereinafter referred to as a “available material”) is as follows.

①23-24 The logo of each team participating in D.LEAGUE in Season
(2) Group photo of each team dancer who is participating in D.LEAGUE in 23-24 Season
②23-24 Personal photos of each team dancer participating in Season

・ The photo of the above ②) isD.LEAGUE websiteAnd the official appTeam pageLimited to those listed in.

・ The available materials will be sent from the JEKI support advertising secretariat. Please refrain from using materials obtained from SNS or website.

The material given is prohibited other than support advertisements, including personal use (posting/making goods on SNS).

[Design precautions]

・ In the D.LEAGUE support advertisement, put the copyright display of "© D.LEAGUE 23-24" in an easy-to-read position.

・ D.LEAGUE support advertisement will include the QR code that can be posted, and you will have a specified QR code (some advertising media may not be able to post QR).

・ There are design rules depending on the media company. For other designs related to support advertisingHerePlease refer to.

* JEKI support advertising secretariat may not be able to submit an advertising design that does not fit the image.

* For those who collect and invest in funds, please follow the manners within a reasonable range.

■ What kind of advertising are there?

The "Cheering AD Online" site handles various advertisements throughout Japan.

Click here!

Can be posted around Ariake Garden or at the nearest station

📍Ariake Garden Theater Vision


📍Yurikamome Ariake Station


📍Yurikamome Train Channel


You can give support advertisements to the vision in the car!

📍Yurikamome AD Train


others,Supported advertisements that can be put around Odaiba and Ariake
How to applyHere

■ Schedule until advertising

☆6/9 (Sun) We are accepting on a special schedule for Championship (CS)

Application at the end of April
May 13 (Monday) Design screening
May 22 (Wednesday) Poster delivery / SNS announcement examination
June 3rd -starting posting

* The schedule may fluctuate depending on the medium.

The flow to posting ads isHerePlease refer to.

Flow of cheering advertising posting

■ Frequently asked questions

☆Questions regarding support advertising

We have a help page that summarizes the "frequently asked questions" to be sent from everyone. please Help pagePlease refer to it.

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* Please use the search function and ChatBot function!

☆Supported advertising cases, etc.

"CHEERING AD Online" publishes cases of cheering advertising and interviews with other fan groups. HerePlease confirm.

■ Click here to apply

The JEKI support advertising secretariat will support you!