I'll win the Emperor's Cup! "Kawasaki Frontale" Supported advertrack is bombed⚽Present campaign is also held at the same time! Please apply!


Kawasaki Frontale Supporting Advertising Adtrack Emperor's Cup

Kick -off at 14:00 on Saturday, December 9! It is the Emperor's Cup Final with Kashiwa Reysol! Let's support everyone for the first time in three tournaments!

In order to send power to all the players and all the supporters, the JEKI support advertising secretariat, "Cheering Ad), has decided to run Kawasaki Frontale support ad ad track!

This project was announced the other day"Kawasaki Frontale" support advertising startIt will be planned to commemorate.

Such a cheering ad ad track runs all the way!

Kawasaki Frontale Support Advertising Adtrack

Where are you running? I'm running here!

① Let's get excited around the National Stadium! [From around 11:30 to the end of the match]

In order to give a voltage before the game, and to send a blue support to players and supporters during the game, go around the stage of the final stage of the finals, no, or goGOGOGOGO! I will run hard.

When you find it, please say that "I will definitely win!"

② Let's get excited in Shinjuku and Shibuya area! [From the end of the match to around 19:30]

After the match, in the city where many people go, such as scramble intersections in Shibuya and Shinjuku Station!

Under the winter sky where Christmas is approaching, the coolest "Kawasaki Frontale" support advertrack runs with the appearance of a more brilliant player than the illuminations!

When you find it, please shout "Thank you!"


If you see it, don't forget to take a picture! A nice gift will be hit!

"Kawasaki Frontale" Supported Advertrack Birth⚽We will hold a campaign to commemorate.


You can experience Kawasaki Frontale support advertising for free! Present campaign!

■ How to participate
With a photo of "Kawasaki Frontale" support advertising advertising found on December 9th"#Frontale Aoi"Post the hash dag to X (old Twitter)!

■ The hashtag to be attached is[#Frontale Aoi]
Don't forget!

■ 2 people by lottery [Kawasaki Frontale support advertisement] Experience is hit!
We will present [Kawasaki Frontale Supporting Advertising Right] to 2 people by lottery from those who posted!

■ Retweets are also OK!
I couldn't find "Kawasaki Frontale" support advertrack! Please be assured that such people! For example, it is OK to retweet after commenting on the post of "Kawasaki Frontale" support advertrack posted by someone!

■ Application deadline: Until 23:59 (Sun) 23:59

We look forward to the hot posts of supporters!

Click here for more information on "Kawasaki Frontale" support advertising!

■ Driving period 12/9 (Sat) 11: 30-19: 30
■ Around the national stadium
■ Click here for the driving route!

Kawasaki Frontale Support Advertising Adtrack

* The driving area and schedule are planned. There is a possibility that the weather or traffic situation will be changed without notice.

* Please refrain from obstructing the surrounding people, such as watching and shooting on the road.

* Please do not call the driver while driving, so please do not do it.

* If the account is set private or if there is no specified hashtag, the lottery will be excluded.

* Posts are limited to photos taken by the contributor.

* After selecting strict application works, the winners will send a direct message from the JEKI support advertising secretariat "CHEERING AD" X account to inform you of the winning. Please make a setting to receive the direct message.

* If you cannot contact the winner, you will be deemed to have declined the winning.

The validity period of [Kawasaki Frontale Supporting Advertising Right] will be "Until May 2024".