About posting posters in the JR West Area


About JR West support advertising

The rules of the media company have been changed to support advertisements in JR West.

[Kinki area]
From September 5, 2023, the JR West station poster can be posted and posted to the following.
Also, regarding the posting positionAdvertisements cannot be posted in places where photography or QR code can interfere with people's movement and traffic.

・ Purtable station

① Osaka Station
② Shin -Osaka Station
③ Kyoto Station
④ JR Namba Station
⑤ Kyobashi Station

・ Posting position
No cheering ads can be posted in the following parts.
① Home / stairs, near escalators, near ticket gates, etc.
(2) A place with Braille blocks, etc.
③ Places with many flow

In the same week as the event date, it is not possible to post the above -mentioned station / posting slots.
Regarding advertising advertisements for event celebrationOSAKA METRO mediaPlease consider.


[Okayama / Sanin area]
From October 2023, the Okayama / Kurashiki / Fukuyama area, the Tottori, Yonago, and Matsue area cannot be posted (station signage and in -car advertisements are acceptable).

Please note that depending on the status of posting in the future, we may review your views on the station and posting slots.