Unica Vision Glycovision / 109 Notice of changes regarding forum vision


About JR West support advertising

This is a change in the change of the outdoor advertisement about "Unica Vision Glycovision 109 Forum Vision".

[Unica vision]

With the renewal construction, commercials will be broadcast during the period between May 7, 2024 and September 30, 2024.Development on 2 screensWill be.

Please be careful when applying, as the cost will also change.
* The schedule may be different.

■ Until May 6, 2024 

Until 5/6 broadcast, it will be broadcast on the same three screen as before.
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■ From May 7, 2024 to September 30, 2024

CMS broadcast during the construction period will be developed on two screens.



The location of the broadcast vision varies depending on the period, so please check the following before applying.

Scheduled for May 7 to June 17, 2024

■ Scheduled for August 1, 2024 -September 13, 2024

[Glycovision 109 Forum Vision]

According to the rules of the mediumYou cannot announce SNS for advertising pre -announcement / advertising.Please note.


Click here for the 109 forum vision list

 Thank you for your understanding.