[New appearance] A must -see for those who take out the "easy plan" support advertisement for the first time!



Hello. JEKI support advertising secretariat.

I want to challenge support advertising on my birthday and anniversary! but,
I have never submitted designs or printed materials, and I am not confident to read Q & A ...Did you give up! ?

I want to reduce the hurdle of posting support advertising as much as possible!
With that in mind, a new option "Easy Plan" has appeared!

■ What is an easy plan?

"I can draw a picture, but I can't produce a B0 size submission data ..."
"I was able to ask the painter for the illustration, but it was said that it was difficult to make detailed characters and data ..."AndDesign rules of each media companyI don't know because it's too fine. "

The easy plan is an option plan for those who want to post a B0 poster.Only illustrations are availableIf you can, please leave it to the JEKI support advertising secretariat!
We will make, printing, and delivery of characters such as manners words for each ad, printing, printing, and delivery!

 Click here for more information on easy plans!

■ What kind of design will it be?

The easy plan is a dedicated template.

Supported advertising design template


Since there is a obi under the illustration, the JEKI support advertising secretariat puts character information such as the group name notation and manner language, and the poster design is completed!

Therefore, there is no need for difficult instructions!
When ordering, it is OK just to share the obi color and the selection of the font and the information you want to post.✨

According to the atmosphere of the illustration and the color image color of the recommended
Fonts and colors can also be selected!

Although it is a simple obi, if you can prepare illustrations that match the obi, it will definitely have a wonderful design! !

■ How to apply?

Select "Easy Plan" from the printing option and select the fonts and colors you want! 


[Font color pattern]

■ What is the schedule?

3 weeks before the screening date of the examination dataPlease deliver the data of the illustration.
We will send data with obi in about 4 to 5 business days.
Design confirmation is possible twice and correction is possible only once.

Click here for schedule up to posting each month


■ What is the size of the illustration?

Please check this Q & A for the illustration size for the easy plan.
About "Easy Plan" design specifications

If the size is different or the resolution is low, it may not be possible to print it, so if you are asked by a painter, please share the above specifications.

Also, because only the group name, precautionary word, QR code, etc. can be put in the obi.
Please put messages such as "Happy Birthday" in the illustration.


■ Leave the first support advertisement to the JEKI support advertising secretariat!

I hope that those who have felt the hurdle in cheering advertisements so far will use it.✨

If you are new to support advertising, please check here.

Supported advertisement for the first time guide

The JEKI Support Advertising Secretariat is supporting you!
Please feel free to contact us.