Recruitment of support advertisement has finally started!


Recruitment of support advertisements for the station staff idol project "STATION IDOL Latch!"

You will be able to celebrate your birthday and anniversary at each station on the Yamanote Line to which members belong.

Today, we will introduce the "support advertisement" along with the event repo of "STATION IDOL Latch! 1st Live" All About !! "" held on March 6 (Sun).

Passenger, please be careful not to be late!

What is "STATION IDOL Latch!"
A new idol project in which all 30 stations on the Yamanote Line are active as idols and excites the stations and towns when they finish their work, and voice dramas and unique characters being distributed on the official YouTube channel. It has become a hot topic in CD release where you can listen to singing voices!

"1st Live" All Aboard !! "" Event Repo

We exhibited a booth of our JEKI support advertising secretariat "Cheering AD" in the memorable 1st live of "STATION IDOL Latch!"

 We were looking forward to this day, as it is an opportunity to meet the passenger (a general term for fans of Latch!)!

What is the poster inspired by the cheering advertisement! It's a passenger for this day (@ 0x0NANO) I had you draw!
thank you.

A poster that celebrates the live event with members of 30 stations.
Many people took photos.

 With Cheering AD, you will be able to celebrate by posting such a passenger poster at the station!

 In the boothJEKI Supporting Advertising Secretariat TwitterFor those who followed the account, we presented a sticker set for decoration of treka and can badges.

It was very popular, and many people stopped at the booth.

Some passenger who actually made a deco traver and uploaded it on SNS, and we are very happy!

I can't wait for the live performance for daytime and night performances! After seeing the pleasure of the passenger, I was able to directly feel that Latch! Is loved by many passenger!

Recruitment of support advertising for "STATION IDOL Latch!"

We CHEERING AD are the support advertising secretariat operated by JR East Japan Planning, which also produces "Station IDOL Latch!"

"Cheering advertisement" is one of the major support methods overseas by posting advertisements and celebrating on the birthdays and anniversaries.

In Japan, the number of fans has gradually increased, and fans can now post support advertisements in their favorite places, such as trains, stations, and towns.

You can also celebrate your birthday at the cafe!
State of a cup holder event.

In the case of "STATION IDOL Latch!"

You can post a poster with the recommended illustration at the station to which you belong! (There is a design screening on the electric railway side)

※The photograph is an image

Would you like to celebrate on your birthday, anniversary, or special day with station posters and digital signage?

We will help you with support advertising!