"Nijisanji" Support advertisement Frequently Asked Questions


Today, we will answer questions about "Nijisanji" support advertisements while we are exchanging every day!


◆ Popular questions

Q. Can I advertise myself?

A. Transportation advertisements must not be issued in the individual, but must be in the name of the group.

"Cheerling ad" will apply for a group application. If the permission is obtained, you can post advertisements.
Please understand in advance that the rules vary depending on the media company.

Q. I want to give a cheering ad, but I don't know what to do

A. Please be assured, "Cheerling ad" will support you.

In this article, the fan groups who actually posted the cheering advertisement, how to issue a cheering advertisement and the preparation to be posted.interviewdoing.
Please refer to it!

Q. How much does it cost to advertise?

A."Cheering AD Online"Now, we introduce only a few ads. Please take a look. 

Q. Are there any rules about rewards when collecting funds?

Rewards distributing original goods such as postcard posters are NGWill be. For more information, see the precautions of the article that describes the supporters, and ◆ Please see the funding for support advertising.
When raising funds, follow the manners and do it within a reasonable range.

Here is the design of Nijisanji.

◆ About advertising

Q. How long does it take to post an ad?

A. In the case of station posters and outdoor visions, it is smooth if you can see it for about 2 months until the ad is posted.

Please refer to here for the flow to posting the ad.

Flow to posting support advertisements

Q. What kind of ads are there?

A. "Cheerling Ad" handles a variety of advertisements as well as JR East, as well as traffic advertisements and outdoor advertisements throughout Japan.

Please refer to here for the type of advertising.

Q. How much is the station poster?

A. Please refer to the advertising expenses (excluding tax) for station posters.

Separately, poster printing costs will be incurred.

There is no problem with the poster delivery after printing in a group. Click here to accept it.

[CHEERING AD poster printing expenses]
・ B0 poster 12,600 yen/sheet (excluding tax)

Q. How many days is the advertising period?

A. It depends on the posting location, but it is basically 7 days.

"Station poster" ... 7 days
"Station Signage" ... 7 days (there is also one month of advertisements depending on the location)
"Outdoor Vision" ... 7 days (some advertisements can be broadcast for one day)

Q. When can I apply for an ad?

A. You can apply 4 months before the advertisement.
After paying advertising expenses in advance, we will secure an advertising slot.

Depending on the posted location, there is an advertising slot that will be sold one month before.

Q. What is the payment method of advertising expenses?

A. Payment is advance payment, and you can pay by bank transfer or credit card.

Q. I want to post an ad on the definitive birthday!

A. Advertisement gives priority to decisions. After paying advertising expenses in advance, we will secure an advertising slot.

You can apply for 4 months before the posting, so please consult us and respond to applications and payments on a schedule with plenty of time.

Q. Is it possible to make a reservation or temporarily push an advertising frame?

A. Advertising cannot be reserved or temporary pushed.
After paying the advertising expenses in the advance payment, we will secure an advertising slot.

Q. I want to cancel the ad

A. Please note that you cannot cancel after application.
In addition, it is not possible to change the destination of the advertisement.

◆ About advertising design

Q. Are there any precautions when designing an ad?

A."Niji -san support advertising rules"as well as"AnyColor secondary creation guidelines"Please follow the design production.

Be sure to put the following in the advertising design.

Niji -sanji design precautions

For more information"Precautions of Nijisanji Design production"Please confirm.

* Depending on the advertising medium, there are some places where QR cannot be posted.
* Design rules are available depending on the media at the posted destination.

Q. Are there any precautions when drawing an illustration of secondary creation?

A. There is a possibility that illustrations that are contrary to public order and morals, and illustrations that make the public feel uncomfortable.

others,"AnyColor secondary creation guidelines"Please confirm.

Q. I want to advertise using the official image

A. After approval of group applications and advertising fees, we will send you the sample of the official image, so please select the official material you want.

After selecting, we will send you the official image from "Cheerling Ad".

* Use of official images other than support advertisement is NG.
* Please delete the image data after creating the support advertising.
* We may take time to arrange. Please contact us as soon as possible.

Q. How long does the design judge take?

A. After submitting the design, it will take about 3 to 4 business days.
Please note that the screening criteria and the number of examinations vary depending on the media company.

◆ About SNS announcement

Q. I want to announce the advertisement on SNS

A. The posting of the detailed advertising location is based on the provisions of the media company.12:00 noon on the day of the advertisementI am.

Depending on the ad, SNS notification may not be possible.
In addition, the contents of SNS posting will be screened in advance.

Q. Can I post videos of supported advertisements to group SNS?

 A. In principle, it is possible after 12:00 noon on the advertising start date. However, in the case of a video using VTuber songs, the voice may not be possible to post the videos on SNS. Please contact us in advance.

◆ Others

Q. I would like to present data on advertising designs for station posters to your investor.

A. If the image file cannot be extracted from the "Nijisanji logo", "River official material", etc., you can send it to the investor. Please output in the letter size.

Q. I want to pick up the poster after posting the station poster

A. The posted posters are not returned.

As mentioned above, we have asked you a good question.