"Nijisanji" support advertisement starts from December / January!


Hello. JEKI Cheering Advertising Secretariat Cheering AD (Cheerling Ad).

Every week, I have seen support advertisements for Vtuber /Virtual River Group "Nijisanji" somewhere.
It is crowded with fans who report support advertising on SNS!
I am always grateful for your help!

Today, we will introduce the rivers who will have a birthday in December and January of "Nijisanji"!

* 2023/1/10 Updated
* 2022/11/21 Notes on rewards have been added.

table of contents

"Nijisanji" support advertising reception river
◆ December birthday river
◆ January birthday river
What kind of ads are there?
How to advertise?
◆ About advertising design
◆ When raising funds for support advertising
◆ About SNS announcement

"Nijisanji" support advertising reception river

Currently (as of October 21, 2022), here are the rivers who are supporting support advertising.

◆ December birthday river

Kagami Hayato(Birthday 12/2)
Lee Loha  (Birthday 12/12)
Oh Jiyu  (Birthday 12/12)
Shiki Nagi Akira(Birthday 12/12)
Asahi Minami Akane(Birthday 12/15)
Kyoko(Birthday 12/22)

◆ January birthday river

Takamiya Rion(Birthday 1/7)
Kuroi Shiba(Birthday 1/11)
Rain Patterson(Birthday 1/13)
Makai Norimi(Birthday 1/15)
Mista Rias  (Birthday 1/20)
Sunset Liri(Birthday 1/21)
Be(Birthday 1/24)
Yang Nari(Birthday 1/27)

* The above list is a river that the office belonging to Nijisanji (AnyColor Co., Ltd.) supports support advertisements.

* "Nijisanji" rivers, which are currently supporting support adsHere

What kind of ads are there?

Cheering AD handles various advertisements throughout Japan.
The site introduces only a few ads.
Advertising costs are also posted, so please refer to it.

How to advertise?

In the case of station posters and outdoor visions, it will be smooth if you can see it for about 2 months until the advertisement is posted.

The flow to posting ads isHerePlease refer to the.

When posting an ad, Cheering AD will be granted for the affiliated office (AnyColor Co., Ltd.).

If you would like to post a cheering ad,"Niji -san support advertising rules"Please read.