"Nijisanji" support advertisement July birthday/anniversary river is being accepted!


Niji -san support advertisement_JEKI support advertising secretariat


Hello. JEKI Cheering Advertising Secretariat Cheering AD (Cheerling Ad).

Today, we will introduce the rivers who will be celebrating their birthday in July of "Nijisanji" currently being accepted!

Please check it to the end♪

■ "Nijisanji" support advertising reception river

Currently (as of March 21, 2024), here are the rivers who are supporting support advertising.


◆ July birthday river


    ■ We are accepting in May and June♪

    I want to celebrate the river in May and June! Please check this article by all means!



    ■ Application schedule

    Please apply at least two months before the posting.

    The flow to posting ads isHere

    The progress schedule isHere

    ■ New service "Easy Plan" is very popular!

    "I can draw a picture, but I can't produce a B0 size submission data ..."
    "I asked the painter for the illustration, but the detailed characters were refused ...
    "I want to give a support advertisement, but the design rules are complicated and difficult ..."
    And those who have given up on posting support advertisements! !

    Only illustrations are availableIf you can, the number of applications for the "easy plan" that can be requested by the JEKI Support Advertising Secretariat is increasing.

    If you can prepare an illustration, we will design and print the submitted data for the essential items in line with the rules of each media in the lower part.

    Only illustrations will be prepared by groups!

    [New appearance] A must -see for those who take out the "easy plan" support advertisement for the first time!

    When applying for the station poster, please select the print option "Easy Plan".

    ■ Notes

    ◆ About advertising design

    When doing advertising design"Niji -san support advertising rules"as well as"AnyColor secondary creation guidelinesPlease follow the design production.

    Niji -san support advertising design manual
    Click here!!

    ◆ Precautions regarding net prints 

    It is prohibited to distribute net print numbers on SNS, etc., not limited to rewards. The measure that the actual thing goes to the hand of the fan will be NG for any content, so thank you for your understanding.

    Please check this out for details.
    Points to note when raising funds★ 

    ◆ Precautions when producing secondary creative illustrations

    Regarding the use of secondary creative works, NijisanjiSupport advertising regulationsAs described, [Use of secondary creative works]

    Please refrain from using the secondary creative work created by a third party.

    In principle, it is assumed that participants who publish support advertisements will produce.
    When producing illustrations used for cheering advertisements, please make the fan group members producing them instead of third parties.
    (Please understand and agree with the projects, the requests for illustrators, etc., and make it as a fan group member).

    Other precautionsHerePlease check more.

    ■ Actually, there is a "Frequently Asked Question" page for Niji -san!

    Did you know that there is a dedicated page for those who post Niji -san support ads in "Frequently Asked Questions" to answer Gimon and questions about support advertising? !

    FAQ  Niji -san support advertisement Frequently Asked Questions

    Until now, we have published any questions in the Niji -san support advertisement.
    Regarding the design of the secondary creation, we also answered quite a few geeky questions.

    If you look at this page, you may be able to solve it while you are in trouble or in trouble. Please take a look. 


    ■ Click here for application

    The JEKI Support Advertising Secretariat will support you! 

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