"Nijisanji" support advertisement 7/August birthday/anniversary river is being accepted!



Hello. JEKI Cheering Advertising Secretariat Cheering AD (Cheerling Ad).

VTuber/Virtual River Group "NijisanjiThe reception of the support advertisement has started, and this month is one year!

The variations of support such as visions and adtraks have become richer in station posters.

In addition to birthdays, we are supporting support that matches the anniversary and live, so I am glad if you can consult us.

Today, we will introduce the rivers who will be celebrating their birthday in July and August of "Nijisanji" currently being accepted!



■ "Nijisanji" support advertising reception river

Currently (as of May 19, 2023), here are the rivers who are supporting support advertising.

◆ July Birthday / Anniversary River


◆ August birthday / anniversary river


* The list of "Nijisanji" rivers that currently agree with support advertisementsHere


■ What kind of advertising are there?

The site of "JEKI Support Advertising Secretariat Cheering AD Online" handles various advertisements throughout Japan.HerePlease choose more.

The popular ranking of support advertising isHere
How to applyHere

* From the viewpoint of traffic advertisements, please post the advertisement location at 12:00 on the day of the advertisement, according to the provisions of the media company. The posting contents will be confirmed in advance.
For more information about SNS postingHerePlease refer to the.


■ Schedule until advertising

If you would like to post a cheering ad, please apply at least two months before the desired date.
The flow to posting ads isHerePlease refer to.


■ Frequently asked questions

Q. Can I give support advertisements individually?
Q. I want to give a cheering ad, but I don't know what to do
Q. What are the standards for design screening?

We have a site that summarizes the information you need to send from everyone, and the information you need by the end of the support advertisement. pleaseHerePlease refer to it!

What are the support ads for "Nijisanji"Summary of questionsplease confirm!

In addition, the magazine of "Cheering AD Online" publishes support advertising examples and interviews with other fan groups.HerePlease confirm!


■ Notes

◆ About advertising design

When doing advertising design"Niji -san support advertising rules"as well as"AnyColor secondary creation guidelinesPlease follow the design production.
Please check this out for details.

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◆ When raising funds for support advertising

In recruiting support advertising funds, on SNS, crowdfunding, etc.
Specific advertising name and posting locationIs NG according to the provisions of the media company.
Also,Rewards distributing original goods such as postcard posters are NGis. The measure that the actual thing reaches the fans will be NG for any content.

Please check this out for details.
Points to note when raising funds

When raising funds, follow the manners and do it within a reasonable range.


Other precautionsHerePlease check more.


■ Click here to apply

The JEKI Support Advertising Secretariat will support you!

"CHEERING AD Online" sitePlease apply more.

How to applyHere