Natsuori Ishihara's 5th anniversary! Reception of cheering advertisements started


Hello. It is JEKI support advertising secretariat "Cheering AD".

He is active as a voice actor / artist, celebrating its 5th anniversary on March 21 this year.Natsumi IshiharaThe reception of the support advertisement has started!

You can celebrate the 5th anniversary of Natsuori Ishihara's celebration, event, and birthday!

What is "support advertisement"? If you think or post it for the first time,HerePlease refer to the!

* This project commemorates the 5th anniversary of Natsuori Ishihara.
Please note that the reception may be terminated without notice.

* 4/10 12:50 We will start recruiting "support advertisements" for Ishihara's birthday. We have added the schedule until the advertisement and how to apply, so please see the end of the article.

Natsuori Ishihara's support advertising regulations

Natsuori Ishihara's websiteSupport advertising regulationsPlease check carefully and comply with it.

JEKI's support advertising secretariat "Cheering AD" will be permitted to Natsuori Ishihara's record company (Pony Canyon Co., Ltd.) when posting the advertisement.

We look forward to the rules in order to enjoy support with peace of mind and avoid troubles.

Natsuori Ishihara official support material

The official support material that can be used is as follows in posting the support advertisement by Natsuori Ishihara.
* Diversion from SNS or other sites is not possible.
* It is not possible to create original goods (regardless of the actual/digital) using official support materials for returns when collecting funds.

Natsuori Ishihara _ Official support material_01-07

Mr. Natsuori Ishihara _ Official support material _08-14

Precautions regarding advertising design

・ Please select the official support material you want and create a design. Replacement of this data for advertising posters will be performed at the JEKI Advertising Secretariat.

Separately, the following expenses will be incurred other than advertising costs. Please note.

Data replacement cost 1 image / 6,000 yen (excluding tax)
B0 poster printing cost 12,600 yen (excluding tax)

・ Please put the following in an easy -to -read position.

© Pony Canyon Inc.

・ By medium companyDesign ruleThere is. Please design with reference to the advertising design production manual.

・ Design using fan art is possible.
(Limited to those that are not diversion from SNS and other sites)

* JEKI support advertising secretariat may not be able to license the advertising design that does not fit the image.

・ When writing your name Romaji, use Ishihara Kaori (surname / name).

Design submission specificationsPlease submit it to the JEKI support advertising secretariat after referring to.

What kind of ads are there?

JEKI Cheering Advertising Secretariat's Cheering AD site handles various advertisements throughout Japan. Please choose from here.

Supported advertisement Cheering AD | JEKI Co., Ltd. JR East Japan Planning

The popular ranking of support advertising isHere
How to applyHere

* (4/10 20 o'clock postscript) You cannot post videos advertisements for your birthday. Please select an advertisement (station poster/board, etc.) that can post still images.

* From the viewpoint of traffic advertisements, please post the advertisement location at 12:00 on the day of the advertisement, according to the provisions of the media company. The posting contents will be confirmed in advance.

For more information about SNS postingHerePlease refer to the.

Schedule until advertising

If you would like to post a cheering ad, please contact us at least two months before the desired date.

The flow to posting ads isHerePlease refer to.

* From April 10, we will start accepting "support ads" for Ishihara's birthday (8/6).


Q. Can I give support advertisements individually?
Q. I want to give a cheering ad, but I don't know what to do
Q. How much does it cost to advertise?

As for the questions to be sent from everyone,
We have a site that summarizes the necessary information by the end of the support advertisement.
Please refer to here!


Click here to apply

* The application method has changed from 4/5 *
Please register as a member from the "Cheering AD Online" site and apply.

How to applyHere

How to apply for data replacement/printing costs

・ Data replacement cost: After application, we will inform you separately.
・ Printing cost: Please check the advertising page (below) and optional printing expenses and apply.