"EBIDAN" support advertising reception!



Hello. It is JEKI support advertising secretariat "Cheering AD".

This time, from May 7, 2024 (Tuesday), the artist group, Ebisu Gakuen Men's Club, composed of male actors and talents belonging to Stardust Promotion.Ebidan”(Shrimp) We have started support advertising!
Fans will be able to post celebration advertisements such as members' birthdays and events.

EBIDAN support advertising rulesHere

EBIDAN groups will also start accepting support advertisements! For more information, please check the rules of each group.♪

Super Express
Sakurashi Mejiji
The cause is for me.

■ What is support advertising?

Cheering advertisements can post advertisements that support each group, such as "Happy Birthday", "Congratulations on holding a concert", "Congratulations on the Group formation".

Depending on the content and purpose of the support, you can select the posting location and the design of the advertisement by the fans.

It is a culture from Korean idol fans, and in Japan, it is performed in various methods, mainly in traffic advertisements and outdoor advertisements such as stations, trains, and billboards in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

What is support advertising? Please see the following article!

■ Support advertising rules

EbidanPlease confirm the "Supporting Advertising Terms of Use" on each group's official website, and please comply.

JEKI support advertising secretariat "CHEERING AD" will be performed for contacts related to support advertising, such as "eBidan" and permission to each group and design screening.

We ask that you can enjoy support with peace of mind and follow the rules to avoid trouble.

[Official photo for support advertising materials]

・ The materials that can be used when posting the “eBidan” support advertisement (hereinafter referred to as “useful materials”) are as follows.

①Ebidan official logo

・ Each group
① Assembly cut
② Each personal cut
③ Official logo

Please refrain from illustrations drawn by fans in right.

・ The available materials will be sent from the JEKI support advertising secretariat. Please refrain from using materials obtained from SNS or website.

The material given is prohibited other than support advertisements, including personal use (posting/making goods on SNS).

[Design precautions]

・ Please put the following two points in the cheering advertisement in an easy -to -read position.

① Please display the copyright display of "© SDR Inc."
② Please enter the notation of "FROM fan".
* The notation of "fan" varies from group to group, so please check the rules of each group for details.

・ There are design rules depending on the media company. For other designs related to support advertisingHerePlease refer to.

* JEKI support advertising secretariat may not be able to submit an advertising design that does not fit the image.

[Precautions when raising funds]

・ Return (returned goods) when collecting funds,It is prohibited to distribute physical goods and distribute data of illustrationsTo do.
・ In the return, the name in the cheering advertisement, etc.Only those that are completed in the support advertising planYou can set it.
・ If the name is returned, it is prohibited to post the handle name, name, and name that falls under the "prohibited act" of this regulation.

We hope that those who collect and invest in the investment will be able to work while protecting the manners within a reasonable range.

■ What kind of advertising are there?

The "Cheering AD Online" site handles various advertisements throughout Japan.

Ebidan is Ebisu! Ebisu's advertisementHere

If you want to celebrate the Eviles in August,HerePlease check!

You can also publish it in the magazine "JUNON"!


Please visit the "Cheering AD Online" site for other advertisements!

How to applyHere

■ Schedule until advertising

If you would like to post a cheering ad, we will accept applications 4 months before the desired date. The application deadline is two months before posting.

The flow to posting ads isHere
The progress schedule for each monthHere

The above is the usual schedule ...!

In June and July, we will provide special schedules to the groups that will celebrate the anniversary and birthdays and those who want to celebrate members.

Once you have a "advertising design", you can post it about one month after the application!

(Example) 6/10 (Monday) -In the case of advertising

5/9 (Thursday) AM application deadline
5/10 (Fri) AM payment → frame
5/14 (Tue) AM Advertising Design Completed Edition Submission → Examination
5/27 (Monday) AM submission data/SNS post contents
5/30 (Thursday) AM poster delivery
6/10 (Monday) -An advertisement

* If you cut it for two months on the system, you will not be able to select the "desired date of posting", so please select the shortest posting date to select and write "●/● request request".
* Super★If you want to post a birthday celebration advertisement of DRAGON Biao Ikeda, please apply by 5/9 (Thu) AM. We will guide you to the schedule separately.
* The schedule may fluctuate depending on the ad.
* Some ads cannot be accepted due to schedule.

★June Anniversary / Birthday
SUPER★DRAGON Ikeda Biaoma -san Birthday 6/2
ICEX Sorato Sauto, Birthday 6/14
BUDDIIS YUMA's birthday 6/25

★July Anniversary / Birthday
The cause is for me. 5th anniversary 7/7
ONE N 'ONLY KENSHIN Birthday 7/8
Buddiis Kevin's birthday 7/12
The cause is for me. Yoshizawa Yumito Birthday 7/12
The cause is for me. Ryotai Nagano's birthday 7/16

■ Frequently asked questions

☆Questions regarding support advertising

We have a help page that summarizes the "frequently asked questions" to be sent from everyone. please Help pagePlease refer to it.

"CHEERING AD Online" publishes cases of cheering advertising and interviews with other fan groups. HerePlease confirm.

■ Click here to apply

The JEKI support advertising secretariat will support you!