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CHEERING AD handles various advertisements throughout Japan!
Please look for an advertisement that suits your thoughts.

I want to advertise to the station

  • Station poster

    Station poster image
    Appeal for pushing at a station with a lot of people! Poster at the station

    1 station, can be implemented from tens of thousands of yen! Two, 3, 4 pieces ... you can put out more than one piece, or post it at the hometown, sacred place, or event venue station.

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  • Station signage

    Station signage image
    The dynamism is different! Station digital signage

    You can play with a dynamic video. You can play your favorite cut like a picture -story show! That pounding feeling until the recommended advertisement flows!

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  • Large board

    Large board image
    Great impact! Large board

    I want to make the push stand out anyway! Because it is a big side, you can put a lot of charms on the design.♩

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  • Spot media

    Spot media image
    It stands out very much! Spot media

    It is characterized by a large size that matches the location. You can see many people walking at the station!

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  • In -car advertisement

    In -car advertising image
    Do you get your eyes naturally? In -car advertisement

    The feature is that commuting and school can be seen for a long time. A chance to let someone who doesn't know to know!

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  • Signboard

    Signboard image
    Speaking of Senil advertising! Signboard

    An advertising medium that is often found at stations in Korea. In Japan, it is posted for a long time (more than one month), so if you want to see the push for a long time, use this medium!

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I want to advertise in the city

  • Outdoor vision

    Outdoor vision image
    Jack the city! Outdoor vision

    Above all, big screen! The feature is that there are many places where sounds can be played.
    While many people go, why don't you make your recommendation a symbol of the city?

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  • AD track

    AD track image
    Looking for it in the city! ? AD track

    Running around the city! It is also possible to specify a running area such as near the live venue.

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  • Outdoor board

    Outdoor board image
    The meeting is before pushing, an outdoor board

    Is it a landmark of the city because it's a medium in the city? ! You can meet in front of the push.

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  • Bus stop advertising

    Bus stop advertisement image
    Support closer! Bus stop advertising

    Advertising that can be posted more familiar! Maybe you can see it near the office? !

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I want to send a message with sticky notes

  • Sticky notes advertisement

    Sticky notes advertising image
    Handwritten message! Sticky notes advertisement

    Message for your thoughts on pushing! The most attractive thing is that everyone can make it.
    Let's get excited using SNS!

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I want to do something special

  • Instructor media

    Instructor media image
    I want you to be sure!

    I like sushi! I like songs! I like anime! An advertisement that is perfect for such pushing.
    You can go to such a place!

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  • Web Metaverse

    WEB / Metamber image
    Web advertisement anytime, anywhere

    A chance to see advertisements on your smartphone! !

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  • Newspaper / magazine

    Newspaper / magazine image
    Leave the advertisement at hand! Newspapers / magazine ads

    That famous newspaper, that magazine, you can get support advertisements! It is an advertisement that can be left as a commemorative commemoration, as well as to be seen by many people.

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I want to run a recommended train

  • Jack on the train

    Jack image on the train
    Appeal for pushing at a station with a lot of people! Poster at the station

    All posters on the train! There is only a monitor that flows on the train!
    How about a special chartered train?

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I want to advertise around the event venue

I want to have a collaboration cafe

  • Cup holder event

    Cup holder event image
    Let's support you in your favorite cafe!

    Why don't you use that favorite cafe, such as cute interior, delicious sweets, drinks, cup holders, etc.?

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