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Stick notter advertisement Minato Mirai Line Minato Mirai Station Road panel full set

Stick notter advertisement Minato Mirai Line Minato Mirai Station Road panel full set

Regular price ¥750,000 (税別)
Regular price (税別)Sale price ¥750,000 (税別)
Sale Sold out
Staff standing expenses, production work expenses, etc. will be incurred separately.
Please contact us for details.


7 days
Price (excluding tax)
750,000 yen
start date
B0 × 12 consecutive panel processing
H1,085XW18,510㎜ x 1 side
Minato Mirai Line Minato Mirai Station Station premises
Other precautions
Poster design production costs will be charged separately.

About this advertising slot

・ You can advertise the recommendation at Minato Mirai Station, which has many event venues in the surrounding area!

Detailed information

Size / specifications
1 side of the surface
Size B0 × 12 consecutive panel processing H1,085XW18,510㎜ × 1 side

Other precautions
* Sticky note planning is assumed to be implemented for two days on Saturdays and Sundays.
2 people a day 10: 00-20: 00
Ticking notes advertising event time is 11: 00-19: 00/19: 00
・ Include the following in the cost.
Production / installation / removal fee 450,000 yen (excluding tax)
・ Separately, "sticky notes advertising planning expenses (expenses such as staff expenses, sticky notes, etc." will be incurred.
Please contact us as the amount will fluctuate depending on the number of days of sticky notes.
・ Advertisements that fall under the following items cannot be posted. Please note.
Those that are contrary to public order and morals, those that give uncomfortable passers and the public, and are recognized as not being posted in social wisdom.
Others acknowledge that the media is inappropriate.
・ Panel poster installation is posted on Monday AM work is the next Monday AM work.
・ If you would like a special development, please contact us separately.
Points to note sticky notes
Only panel sets can be implemented for sticky notes.
About sticky notes
Please implement it during the time of 10: 00-17: 00 (including preparation time).
There may be events in the event space on the day, so please be careful not to hinder.
・ About the witness of the implementation time zone
We will always have one or more staff members within the implementation hours.
* Requests for fans
・ When writing sticky notes, please use the specified location.
・ Slandering and writing that identify individuals will be strictly prohibited. If you find it, you may be removed without notice.
・ Do not stop on the Braille block.
・ Please consider the reflection of photography so that it does not interfere with passers -by.
・ Please refrain from contacting the station staff.

About posting

Design regulations
The design regulations areHere

Way of delivering
Complete data payment

Submitting deadline
14 business days before the broadcast starts
* However, the deadline may be quicker depending on the time, so please check in advance.

Long until posting

  1. First, apply
    Please put your desired advertisement in the cart from this page.
  2. Confirmation of permission to affiliated office
    To affiliated offices will be allowed to post advertisements and permit image use.
  3. Confirmation of vacant frame status
    Check the latest vacant frame status.
  4. Payment → Secure advertising slots
    Please pay the advertising fee.
  5. Design screening
    You will need to judge the advertising content. Please send the completed version of the design.
  6. Delivery of advertisements
    Please deliver advertisements by the specified date.
  7. Posting
    A cheering ad will be posted.
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