It is possible to "shout love at the center of the world". JR East support advertisement "Complete" lifted.


JEKI Supporting Advertising Secretariat _ JR East Japan Planning


 JO1 and JAM go beyond "We are always one."

 Well ...

The fact that JR East's support advertisement is OK without commercial elements is that you can make support advertisements without commercial elements at various stations in JR East.

Eh, wait a minute. Toyu is, Tayu

Eh ...! ! ! After all it's amazing! ! !


JEKI Supporting Advertising Secretariat_ JR East Japan Planning


It is "Cheerad -chan", a member of the JEKI support advertising secretariat, "Cheering Ad", who is still excited.

In the previous article, we announced that it was possible to post support advertisements without commercial elements in JR East.


Yay! happy! it's the best! Finally, JR East has revised the rules! Cheering advertisements without commercial elements can now be posted! This is amazing!


 I want to talk about my dreams today.

I heard that JR East Japan has been able to advertise without commercial elements, and the first thing that came to me was that place.

Isn't there a lot of people who know JO1's Kizuna?

Yes, it is a very cool signage at [Shinjuku Station].

Shinjuku Station has 2.3 million passengers per day!? * Is that the best in the world?

JO1's Kizuna was really impressed. 。 。

That place is a JR East advertising medium, and its name is "Shinjuku Wall 456". The length is 45.6 meters.


[Shinjuku Station's most popular media] What is Shinjuku Wall 456? Explaining the latest cases and effects of large digital signage on the station premises | UNIVERSAL OOH


It takes about 6 seconds, even if a person with a very fast foot runs through with all his might. It is not great?

And because it is the latest signage, the video is also very beautiful.

I think that even a slightly longer scream, without a line break, you can say it. Bashi.

Here, at the center of this world, this is the love for pushing! I want to shout. Ah, I want to say. I want to shout. I want to tell.

So what is the price? Hmmm ... it's 10 million yen. Yes yes. Uhhh ...

If the lottery of Chia Adoring is won ...

Japan's support advertising culture is the best in the world!

Today was a dream story.

Next time, is it a continuation of a dream or a reality?
I'm a little lost, but today is like this.


( *) Calculated from the 2021 getting on and off of JR East and Private Railways