Takamine's Nadeshiko Eria Higashiyama 17 years old! Birthday advertisement


Idol support advertisement Takamine Nadeshiko


Hello! JEKI support advertising secretariat.

Today is5Month28Introducing the birthday advertisement of Erisa Higashiyama, a 10 -member female idol group Takamine, who has celebrated his birthday.

Birthday advertisement 

Erisa HigashiyamaWe arrived at the person and posted it on Twitter and Instagram!

17Old, nice1I wish you a year!

Interview with planning organizations 

Of the fan groups that implemented this project Eri Higashiyama supporting project I received a comment from Mr.. 

-What made you want to get a cheering advertisement? 

To celebrate the members' birthday.

 -What was the difficulty through planning?

I was worried that the station poster was the hardest to get the office permission, so I heard from multiple births.

The entertainment office has no reply even if you contact us individually.

Other advertising agencies were still in trouble because the license was taken by the publisher.

-How did you actually implement the project? 

I was worried that I might not be able to get the office permission, but the JEKI support advertising secretariat did the license and proceeded very smoothly.

The sense of security that a proven corporation would do was greater.

Also, it was really helpful that I was able to send my future schedule in the first exchange after the application.

It is important to share a rough outlook with you even if you can't get a strict schedule if you put out a station poster in a group, so the JEKI support advertising secretariat has shown a schedule, so everyone has a prospect. I was ready.

 -What kind of support do you want to support in the future? 

The support project is mainly for birthday, so we continue every year.

In addition, we will support the anniversary of the group and the members of the members. We perform station posters, video creation, vision advertising, etc.

Thank you for your plan!

I'm very happy to be transmitted to Erisa Higashiyama himself.

Please refer to the case of the birthday advertisement of Himori Hayama, a member of Takamine.

Supported advertisement locally! Takamine's Nadeshiko Badoyama Himeri -san Birthday Advertising


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