[This week's Nijisanji! ] March 25 Weekly support advertising introduction


Hello! JEKI support advertising secretariat.

Last week, it became a hot topic that Ikebukuro was "Nijisanji Road".

In fact, there are months when it is "Nijisanji Road" every week.

 This week, Akihabara is also "Nijisanji Road"! !


Nijisanji is a lot of collaborations and tournaments between rivers and many people who say "Nijisanji Box!"

I hope that everyone will be able to do "Niji -san's support advertising tour", so the week of posting support advertisements is [Nijisanji this week! I hope that you can summarize the support ads as✨

By all means, please use it as a weekend recommendation.♪

* On weekends, some stations have a lot of traffic, soPlease follow the manners with safety first.

* Some advertisements are closed before Saturdays and Sundays. See the quoted post for details.


This week, the birthday of Waraku's birthday & Veltz / Oriens's debut anniversary commemoration.


📍Ikebukuro Station

ORIENS 1st anniversary


Hakka Hakka's 1st anniversary


 Kazekuto -san's birthday


Nijisanji EN REN / Zotto's birthday


📍Shinjuku station

 Kazekuto -san's birthday

There are several birthday advertisements of Waraku, not only in Ikebukuro but also in Shinjuku Station!


 MECHATU-A's first anniversary

8 east -west hero advertisements!


ORIENS 1st anniversary

Oriens looks three -dimensional in the cross Shinjuku vision! ?


📍Akihabara Station

ORIENS 1st anniversary


Hakka Hakka's 1st anniversary


 Kazekuto -san's birthday




📍Tokyo Station

ORIENS 1st anniversary


📍Osaka area

 Kazekuto -san's birthday


ORIENS 1st anniversary

This is not Umeda, but Namba station, so please be careful if you go to see it together!


📍Nagoya area

Saeki Ittetsu's 1st anniversary

It's too nice to put Saeki's birthday advertisement to a movie theater ...!

I love the movie simultaneously, it's interesting and I love it.


 Kazekuto -san's birthday

📍Kyoto Station

VentLz 4th anniversary


📍Takamatsu station

What a Shikoku! There is a support advertisement✨

 VentLz 4th anniversary



📍Fukuoka (Tenjin) Station

ORIENS 1st anniversary 


Hakka Hakka's 1st anniversary


VentLz 4th anniversary


The 4th anniversary of his debut by Fujiro Kuzuki

Veltz's debut anniversary is April 2nd, so it seems that there will be many support advertisements next week!

A mini album has also been announced! Personally, Saisa Collaboration is hot🔥


In the week when "Nijisanji Road" is likely to be created next week, we will introduce support advertisements so please look forward to it! !


Acceptance of support ads by Nijisanji🎵

Currently, we are accepting even birthday rivers in July. Please see the following article for the precautions of Niji -san's support advertising!

Niji -san support advertisement_JEKI support advertising secretariat
The JEKI Support Advertising Secretariat will support you! 
We are waiting for you♪

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