2023 November, buzzed OOH ranking



Buzz OOH ranking

Sorry I made you wait! This month's "Buzz OOH ranking".
Hello, this is Kawahara, a JEKI support advertising secretariat.
It is the end of the year in no time. 。

OOH ranking of the last buzz this year! We will introduce the top 5 of the OOH that was held every month mainly on SNS.

What is OOH?

"OOH" is an abbreviation of "Out of Home", and is called "outdoor advertisement" in Japanese.
It refers to advertising media such as trains and bus advertisements such as traffic advertisements and outdoor advertisements, airports and station premises, car body wrapping ads, and outdoor signs.

Most of the cheering advertisements you have are OOH!

2023 November, buzzed OOH ranking

SNS analysis is performed mainly in posted posts related to OOH, and ranked in quoted (including retweet).

1st place: [Best hit song festival] Challenge from YTV!

Estimated post: about 2000,000
Estimated impressions: about 1010 million
Extract word: "Challenge from YTV", etc.

This is a reply from the artist, but the first topic was "Invitation Advertising" sent to the first artist.
Advertisement posted in a land related to performers nationwide! I can't stand fans!
Please check this out for details.

I want fans to be happy! Best Hit Kayo Festival, "Invitation" to the areas related to performers | AdvertimeS. By Advertising Conference

In the reply Ver. At Shibuya Station, IMase himself went to see it!

2nd place: [Super Mario RPG] For those who know it know! ? Messages for fans at that time stimulate nostalgia!

Estimated post: Approximately 7.000
Estimated impressions: about 90 million
Extract word: "Super Mario RPG advertisement" etc.

3rd place: [Choya plum wine] Magical advertisement that crying child is silent! ?

Estimated post: Approximately 6,000
Estimated impressions: about 35 million
Extract word: "Choya plum wine advertisement" etc.

4th place: [Kitaro Birth] Theatrical release announcement where something comes out when flashing! ?

Estimated post: Approximately 4,500
Estimated impressions: about 23 million
Extract word: "Flash advertisement", etc.

Flash ads that look invisible, youkai and horror are outstanding, but in fact there are cases of supported advertisements.

JO1 Yoshio Ohira's Senil advertisement!

first time! Giant flash print advertisement! JO1 Shosei Ohira Birthday Advertising

A birthday present with a warm message packed with what Yoshio Ohira loves in the flash. Please see this article.

5th place: [Hyper Zone] The strongest advertisement of primates appears in Shibuya and Brazil! !

Estimated post: Approximately 3,800
Estimated impressions: about 40 million
Extract word: "Hyper Zone advertisement", etc.

This is too amazing. 100 yen cashback that penetrates the earth.

Survey method: Social media analysis
Survey time: November 1, 2023 -November 30, 2023
Survey method: Collected Twitter posts including OOH -related words (such as "station ads" "vision") within the above period, and calculate the number of estimated posts and estimated impressions for each case.
Research Organization: JEKI DATA-DRIVEN LAB Co., Ltd.
* This analysis may be caused by an estimate based on 10%sampling data, and an error with the actual value may occur.