2024 Buzz OOH ranking


Buzz OOH Ranking 2024 February _JEKI support advertisement


Hello. It is Kawahara of the JEKI support advertising secretariat.

I feel the three cold and four temperature every day. Cherry blossoms ... I wonder if it blooms soon.

Yesterday, we released a report and support advertising investigation report in 2023!

[NEWS RELEASE]-90 % of you want to put out again, 80 % of you want to push more-What is the "recommended cycle" brought about "support ads"?


Progressive x movement, support advertisement connection, degree of recommendation, support advertising potential market is open to the public!
Please take a look.

Then, before spring, the OOH ranking in February buzz!

What is OOH?

"OOH" is an abbreviation of "Out of Home", and is called "outdoor advertisement" in Japanese.
It refers to advertising media such as trains and bus advertisements such as traffic advertisements and outdoor advertisements, airports and station premises, car body wrapping ads, and outdoor signs.

Most of the cheering advertisements and Senil advertisements you have are OOH!

2024 February buzz OOH ranking

SNS analysis is performed mainly in posted posts related to OOH, and ranked in quoted (including retweet).

1st place: [Taxi platform] Taxi signboard that Kyoto section exploded is a hot topic!

nice idea! This is the sidewalk side, but ...
It is the back side. 。

After installation, illegal stops decreased by 90 %! That's amazing.

In this way, transforming people's behavior with a little ingenuity is called "nudge".
It is a wonderful method that designs the person's actions by designing the environment in which people choose and make decisions.

Estimated impressions: about 8 million
Extract word: "Signboard Kyoto" etc.

2nd: [P mark] Can you answer all questions correctly? Excellent advertising that conveys the importance of personal information protection

It's amazing who could identify the personal names of these greats.

Shake shack after Shoko Ono🍔See YouTube, the original family, because you have become a brain and you can't think of it at all.

Estimated post: Approximately 5,100
Estimated impressions: about 6 million
Extract word: "Stopped advertisement", etc.

3rd place: [Pokemon Sleep] When you stand near the hanging on the Keiyo Line, a physical strength gauge appears! ?

An advertisement of "Pokemon Kaifuku Days" centered on "Pokémon Go" and "Pokémon Sleep".
It's too interesting to stand on the train casually and appear on your physical strength gauge.

I had a great sense of sympathy for this Pokemon.

Estimated post: Approximately 5,500
Estimated impressions: about 4 million
Extract word: "Hanging in Pokemon Seap" etc.

4th place: [Yoyogi Seminar] Tears unintentionally with a hot advertisement to support students ...

In the February exam season, support advertisements for students will increase. This message, this is crying.

Estimated post: Approximately 6,500
Estimated impressions: about 3.7 million
Extract word: "Seminar advertisement", etc.

5th place: [Naniwa Men] The catch phrase that the members considered is a huge poster! !

On SNS, a campaign was developed on the "#Naniwa Men AOKI Catch Catch Phone Forecast 7" campaign, which predicts which catch phrase the advertising catch phrase of AOKI's advertisement that Naniwa boys thought about.

Estimated post: about 10,000
Estimated impressions: about 3 million
Extract word: "Naniwa Men's Poster" etc.

Survey method: Social media analysis
Survey time: February 1, 2024 -February 29, 2024
Survey method: Collected Twitter posts including OOH -related words (such as "station ads" "vision") within the above period, and calculate the number of estimated posts and estimated impressions for each case.
Research Organization: JEKI DATA-DRIVEN LAB Co., Ltd.
* This analysis may be caused by an estimate based on 10%sampling data, and an error with the actual value may occur.

An advertisement that was a gekiatsu

You can put this out here! Edition

📍Shibuya TSUTAYA

On October 30, last year, Shibuya's symbol "SHIBUYA TSUTAYA" will be temporarily closed and will be reopened on April 25 next month, but this old Starbucks location is very noticeable.

The signage here was not on the outer wall, so I had an impression that it was hard to see, but it stands out!

An advertisement featuring Shioya Hirano of Digital Hollywood University. At the same time, SHIBUYA 109 cylinder is also Shiyo Hirano!

And now, Tokyo is Shioya Hirano's Musou!

SHIBUYA TSUTAYA is a technique of replacing the Nijisani newcomer Vtuber!

📍Supported advertisement to Tokyo Dome!

This is amazing.
2/27 is Nananiji Day🌈

The "support advertisement" of 22/7 (commonly known as Nananii) of the voice actor unit/female idol group and virtual idol group who works as "Digital Voice Actor Idol", the vision of Tokyo Dome City & Tokyo Dome on 2/27. Post it at the station!

Naniji support advertisement around Tokyo Dome is jacked!? Nanani Dome Support Project

Since Nananiji has the goal of "aiming for Tokyo Dome", to the members aiming for the dome, the ale from the fans📣

I was impressed by the thoughts and bonds of Nananiji and fans. Please take a look at the message from the fan group.

Then, come to spring soon ~ ~ ~🌸