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Japan's support advertising culture is the best in the world!

Hi, I'm "Cheerad -chan", a member of the JEKI support advertising secretariat "Cheering AD".

"Support advertisement" seems to be the best in the world of this year's trendword! It should be! In anticipation of that, I will explain again, "What is a support advertisement?"

* Delivered in the interpretation version of Cheerad. 

(1) Cheering advertisement is a super mega trend of "recommended activity"!

"Progressive" was nominated for a new language and buzzword award in 2021. You all know this, right?

What is the "recommended activity" that one in five is doing? Explain the meaning and activity -MyShumi

It is one of this activity.

I'll give you an "ad" to support you! Advertising usually comes out by a "company". "Individual (you)" gives this this.

Now, every week, it can be seen at Shinjuku Station and Ikebukuro Station.

This Twitter account has various cases of cheering advertisements, so it may be recommended to know support advertising (advertising). Niji -san is excited.

② Cheering advertisement is a culture from Korea!

Support idols and artists. A major culture in Korea. It is also called Senil advertisement (Senil is the birthday in Korean).

In Korea, there are advertisements to celebrate the birthday (Senil) for all media in the stations where young people gather. (In the Korean subway, about 30 % of the total is a support advertisement by personal fans. It is unthinkable in Japan.

* In this series, the idols and artists to support are described as "push".

(3) Cheering advertisements were difficult to implement in "Japan"! tears

"Individuals will advertise? Is it the advertising slot at the station? That's right! I'm saying it. Yes, this story is over! . "

"I provide images of my talent to advertise to advertise? That's right, it's not good! Yes, yes, this story is over! It's an ad. "

Yes, in Japan, it was very difficult for "individuals" to advertise.

In public transportation, corporate advertisements are basically.
In the entertainment office, the concept of portrait rights (images of talent) management is strict, and it is unlikely to be provided to individuals.

Such an era has been going on for a long time. 

④ Cheering advertisement is easy in Japan now! The company that has shown NO so far is great!

In recent examples, it is a synonym for public transportation, which is a synonym for that company. This makes it possible to get it on the Yamanote Line. It's really familiar.

 Yay! happy! it's the best! Finally, JR East has revised the rules! Cheering advertisements without commercial elements can now be posted! This is amazing!

From the point of view of Chiaad, I can only thank. Of course, besides this company, if you walk around the city and see support advertisements, it is indispensable to say, "Oh, there is a company that runs this" place ". Thank you!" plug.

And in the sense of the office, there are many places that show a huge understanding of the culture of supporting Japanese support in Japan, including the office that thinks "Oh oh ...". I did it.

Thank you ...! ! ! 

⑤ The best actor in the lifting of the ban on Japanese support advertisements is the fan (you)!

In Japan, support advertisements were not easily lifted. But this is natural if you think about it.

Is it dangerous if a large number of people gather where the ad was issued? Of course, it is a concern if it is a safety first public transportation.

What if the talent image was used in a strange wind? If this is an office that protects the talent, you are naturally worried.

However, the fans gradually melted the concerns of such companies little by little. Not only the thoughts of pushing, but also the announcement on SNS, which considers safety first, and the local rules. And appropriate use of image materials, etc.

Anyway, the manners are really good. It follows the rules properly.

Such actions would have encouraged the company's decision. tears 

⑥ Get various support ads

[Case ①] I want to support big anyway! "AD track"

I will publish it in a very prominent media with the desire to let many people know about the push.

[Case ②] I want to support all over the country!

That feeling is not limited to the Tokyo metropolitan area. Let's excite the push with fans all over Japan! Such advertising development is very popular.

[Case ③] When the poster is connected, a message emerges! ? It's too amazing

The message emerges, "Connect the posters posted in 47 prefectures!" Fans who thought, serious genius! Respect to you!

[Case ④] I want to post it in the land of memories! Follow your hands with overseas fans! amazing!

The hometown of the recommendation and the place where we performed live for the first time. This Yuka Kageyama's birthday is 167 people, including "Taiwan", "China" and "Kuwait".


Well, Japanese support ads. I'm here. too cool.

⑦ support advertisement is "even beginners are fun!"

The cheering ads that cheerlous ads will help, most of them are those who release support advertisements for the first time.

Everything is difficult to say for the first time.

However, the fact that it seems a little difficult is that fans are working together to help each other.

With the same system as a company, such as design, accounting, and SNS, I am just surprised by the heat of the fans.

Yes, it's like a "cultural festival"!

"Hey, why don't you do a little cheering advertisement?" Why don't you say such a word with courage?

There are tools to call out, such as SNS and crafts.

⑧ Please listen to the fans who first supported the advertisement!

"I was happy to feel that the push was loved."
"I'm glad that people who didn't know what to know."

I have many such wonderful impressions.

Yes, "cheering advertisement" is not "only for fans who give advertisements." So what?

"An experience that all fans can enjoy and get excited while enjoying the recommendation." That is the support ad.

I think that way.

Ah, I'm going to explain it simply and clearly, but it has become a long, my thoughts have been raised. If you can tolerate the interpretation version of the cheerado -chan.

Then, today is like this.

Oh, thank you for reading so far. Based on this, please look at the site and search again.♪

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