picture? What is support advertising in soccer?⚽



Kawasaki Frontale support advertisement

To players and supporters⚽
How to send a new power! That is how to use support ads in soccer! I thought and planned!

The other day, we announced the start of the "Kawasaki Frontale" support advertising! 

Kawasaki Frontale Support Advertising Reception Start

Finally, support for "soccer"! The first can be implemented with Kawasaki Frontale! So, we thought, "Oh!" ,

I regret that my thoughts came ahead and I didn't have enough explanation. I'm sorry!

The cheering advertisement was a culture from Korea, originally began as a "new support form" to support idols.

If the idol you are "pushing" will reach "birthday" or "Finally! The long -awaited live will be held!" "Finally the long -awaited CD release!"

Even if you are not an idol, for example, even if you are studying for the exam, if your important person is working hard, you will want to say "Congratulations!" It is rooted in that feeling.

To put it simply, the desired length [new confidence, how to hit].

It is a system and culture that can be realized in the form of [advertising].

The home of cheering advertisements, in Korea, support advertisements for soccer players.

If this support advertisement can be a new culture that excites the Japanese soccer world! It is a plan that I think, but there is no precedent in Japan yet, so I would be glad if you could give me a frank opinion of everyone who read this blog! ! 


Get a cheering advertisement at the nearest station to the home stadium⚽

Soccer support advertisement

For example, in a home game. At the nearest stadium station.
Would you like to assist the birthday goal of your birthday?

The day of the match is my birthday.
In that case, the players are more powerful with pressure. Soccer players are really amazing.

"●● Player, Happy Birthday! ●● I want to see the goal of the players!"

If you use support advertising, you can deliver such a message.

The supporters who did not know the player's birthday may see your message and make the cheering for that player. 

I can't go to the site ... At that time, support ads⚽

Soccer support advertisement

For example, here! When you can't go to the site with the game!

Would you like to send your passion to your players or supporters on the site with support advertising?

Utilizing support advertisements, you can deliver your ale. Declare to the opponent's supporters, such as "We will win today!" There may be such a usage.

How to put out cheering ads is the same as soccer⚽Very simple! 

① Set the aim,
② Shoot,
③ Goal!

That's so simple. 

(1) Determine the aim = decide where to get an advertisement! (Example: Search the Kawasaki area)

 For example, if you want to advertise in Kawasaki Frontale's home game, please search for "Kawasaki"!

② Shoot and decide the advertising product to be purchased! (Purchase B0 poster)

Nothing changes from buying clothes on the EC site. Just click on the product (frame you want to advertise).

* Payment method is very easy. You can choose credit card payment and bank transfer.

③ Goal = posted! (Yay!)⚽⚽⚽

You can post "Designed Advertising *" at JR Musashi Kosugi Station!

Kawasaki Frontale is the first case, so it is not yet the case, but for reference, if you like soccer, I will put a case of cheering advertisement by Yuka Kageyama! 

 * The design of Yuka Kageyama's support advertising is created by fans. Are there any good friends around you or a good friend who touches your computer a little? Let's make an advertising design with such a person. How about such a try?

Interviews with fan groups who released a support advertisement by Yuka KageyamaPlease take a look.

I can't make a design on my computer. Such a person is okay! Such a service was also available⚽


yes! Soccer is team sports! If you have any questions, ask us anything⚽


Supported advertisement Cheering AD


The real pleasure of sports is that you can't understand the fun unless you try it!
First of all, it is OK even if you contact us and consult!

A supporting advertisement for soccer that has no example worldwide.

I hope to make some new support with you⚽


Bamola! !

I remembered the "that" commercial of King Kazu Miura.