[This week's Nijisanji! ] April 15 Weekly support advertising introduction



 hello everyone. JEKI support advertising secretariat.

The third "#This week's Niji -san support advertisement"🌈🕒This week, we will introduce the support advertisements that the JEKI support advertising secretariat helped!

Finally, this weekend, CHRONOIR one -man live "Welcome to Wonder Wander World" & Rofmao_1st live "New Street, New World" will be held at Osaka Castle Hall!
There are many support advertisements in the Osaka area commemorating the live event.

I hope that those who go to Osaka on an expedition can go around support advertisements with the live!

📍Ikebukuro Station

First, introduce from Tokyo!

There is also a celebration of the live held, in Tokyo!✨Please come to see the support advertising!

CHRONOIR Live Celebration


📍Shinjuku area

Mr. Fuwa Minato's birthday

Shinjuku's host, Fujinato! So there are many birthday advertisements in Shinjuku! Please see the announcement post for details because the location is different for each station.

🥂 Tokyu Kabukicho Tower Vision Advertising

🥂JR Shinjuku Station (within the Central East Exit ticket gate)

Cheerado is also posting next to Mr. Fuwa, JR Shinjuku Station✨

🥂Tokyo Metro Shinjuku Station (outside the ticket gate)

🥂Seibu Shinjuku Station (inside the ticket gate)


Yuka Shiina's birthday
Shiina's birthday advertisement is also doddon! Is out!


📍Osaka area

I want the expedition to go around the support advertising! ! So, I made a list that shows the ads that appear at each station.

It is organized in the Umeda area and Namba area, so if you have time before and after the live, please go around!

* In order to use the map, all advertisements that can be confirmed are listed, but quotes in the article are only supported advertisements supported by us.


OSAKAMETRO Umeda Station

A station that is easy to stop by before the live because it is within walking distance from JR Osaka Station, where you can head to JR Osaka Castle Park Station, where the Osaka Castle Hall is located!


At Umeda StationLive Memorial & Fuwa -san's birthday advertisement has been posted in totalIt has been✨

CHRONOIR Live Celebration


Rof-MAO Live Celebration


A support advertisement for celebration of live performances is also available to individuals!

Celebration of Hayato Kagami's live appearance


Celebration of Haru Kai's live performance

Meminari Fuwa's birthday celebration

Fuwa -san is just wearing a birthday, so many birthday advertisements are in the Osaka area 🥂✨


Nijisanji official live commemorative advertisement is also nearby!

☆Umeda Twin Board→ It is in the position of Umeda Station on the ground!

☆Umeda Big Man Vision→ Hankyu Corporation Osaka Umeda Station 1F

OSAKAMETORO Osaka Station and Hankyu Corporation Osaka Umeda Station are different stationsSo, please be careful of your expedition.


OSAKAMETRO Namba Station

There are many support advertisements in the Namba area!

With Kintetsu Osaka Namba StationOSAKAMETRO Namba Station is within walking distance, so I hope you can see both stations.✨

If you turn around after seeing the support advertisement at Umeda Station, you can move to Nanba Station by one on the Midosuji Line.

Mr. Fuwa Minato's birthday

Kintetsu Osaka Namba Station

There are four support advertisements for Kintetsu Osaka Namba Station.

It is posted until April 22 (Monday) because the other station and the posting start date are one day off. Those who stay after the live and return slowly can see advertisements on Monday!

When you go on the same day, you can come to Osaka Castle Park Station in less than 20 minutes by changing Tsuruhashi Station.✨

CHRONOIR Live Celebration

Rof-MAO Live Celebration

Mr. Fuwa Minato's birthday


Currently, the new life support advertisement developed by NijisanjiIt seems that the support advertisement of Kuronowa is lined up with "Nijisanji next to you!"

Not only Osaka Namba Station, but it seems to be posted at Tsuruhashi Station where you get off on the way to Kojo Ho! By all means, please go a little detour for advertising and head to the venue✨

* There are many places in the station premises with many traffic. Please be careful about the shooting around. Many people shoot adsIf there is a hindrance to station business or station users, the posting may be canceled on the way, and support advertisements may not be posted in the future.


📍Nagoya / Fukuoka

Besides Tokyo and Osaka, birthday advertisements are posted🎉

Mr. Fuwa Minato's birthday



Acceptance of support ads by Nijisanji🎵

Currently, we are accepting even birthday rivers in August.
(You can apply 2-4 months before the scheduled posted)
Please see the following article for the precautions of Niji -san's support advertising!


The JEKI Support Advertising Secretariat will support you!

We are waiting for you♪