STATION IDOL Latch! 2nd birthday advertisement! Uguisudani Station Latch! Yuu Negishi



Hello. JEKI support advertising secretariat.
Today is the second birthday advertisement of the station staff x idol "STATION IDOL Latch!"

How! In July, LATCH! Miracles will be posted simultaneously with three birthday advertisementsWoke up, and there were many passenger (LATCH!


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STATION IDOL Latch! First birthday advertisement! Nippori Station Latch! Aya Tonari -kun

◆ Uguisudani Station Latch! Yuu Negishi -kun Birthday Celebration

A design that tickles the passenger's heart!
Many passenger was shooting advertisements with goods!

◆ Interviews with fan groups

This time, we asked about the congratulatory advertisements from the "Negishi Yuka Support Corps" who planned the support advertisement!

-What made you want to get a cheering advertisement?

 For the first time, I found out about the JEKI Supporting Advertising Secretariat with the JEKI Support Advertising Secretariat and "support advertisement" after seeing it at the "Station Idol Latch! 1st Live" 1st Live "All Aboard !!" "held on March 6, 2022. , I definitely want to do it! I was contacted three days after the live! lol

As I saw these idol content and Latch! At the beginning, Latch! Was the first time, so I saw the passenger giving a beautiful flower I wanted. For the first time, I learned that there is a culture to deliver the feelings of fans.

At first, I was thinking about proceeding silently alone, but I saw Latch! I thought it would be nice if everyone could come out with a passenger who wanted to celebrate, so I decided to recruit participants.

STATION IDOL Latch! 1st anniversary celebration advertisement

-What was the difficulty through planning?

What was particularly difficult was to recognize what kind of content was OK / NG about the poster design.

For example, it was a start from a state where it was not possible to put an official illustration and what kind of content would be recognized as a "advertisement" ... I started by understanding the criteria of "OK with these designs."

The person in charge who responded to my many questions and exchanged emails on a daily basis will not get up.

In addition, it may have been difficult to use Illustrator for the first time, organize the participants as a group for the first time, and simply manage the poster design schedule, but it can be posters. The fun was all over the excitement.
Everything was very valuable ...!

-How did you actually implement the project?

Throughout the period, many passenger and Uguisudani station users were able to see the posters.

I was glad to be able to witness the person who actually read the QR code in the poster and those who read out "Yuka Negishi" while looking at the poster.

There are many passenger who used Uguisudani Station for the first time to see the poster, and I was able to follow the concept of Latch! I thought both.

Also, on my birthday, I was able to get a thank -you comment from Negishi -kun on the Latch! Official account, and I was really glad I issued an ad.

I went to Uguisudani Station many times to see the posters from the first day of the first day with various friends. Everyone was excited on the first day, and on the last day, everyone was lonely saying, "Is it over?"

Everything is a lifetime memory! !

-What kind of support do you want to support in the future?

Next, I wanted to collaborate with the passenger of Latch! At other stations, and at the same time, I would like to put a poster in multiple places.

This time, the members of Latch! (Nippori's Tonari -kun, Nishi -Nippori's Suwa -kun), which happened to be a birthday, was in a considerable period of time, so a passenger who went around three stations at once. There were many people.

If you can advertise in various places at the same time with the passenger of Latch! At other stations, I think that "Yamanote Line Latch! 。

Also, I personally have an ambition to improve the illustrations and make them a better poster! I will practice it by the next opportunity! !

He said that he contacted us at the booth of the JEKI support advertising secretariat at 1st Live! All the members are impressed!

It's just the story of Latch! To see many passenger people stop by the first place to get off at the cheering advertisement!