NEO-PORTE support advertising reception start


Hello. It is JEKI support advertising secretariat "Cheering AD".
We have started accepting advertisements for the popular VTuber group "NEO-PORTE"!

    ■ What is support advertising?

    The support advertisement is "I want to advertise to celebrate that artist's birthday!" It is the main and advertisements to support the push.


    It is a culture from Korean idol fans, and in Japan, it is performed in various methods, mainly on traffic advertisements and outdoor advertisements such as stations, trains, and billboards in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

    ■ How do you prepare support ads? Click here!

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    ■ NEO-PORTE support advertising regulations

    NEO-PORTE's secondary creation regulations and support advertising rulesPlease check carefully and comply with it.

    The JEKI support advertising secretariat "Cheering AD" will be permitted to the "NEO-PORTE" office when posting.

    We ask that you can enjoy the support with peace of mind and follow the rules to avoid trouble.

    ■ Precautions regarding NEO-PORTE advertising design

    [Design precautions]
    In the design of support advertising,
    Works made by secondary, such as illustrations drawn by yourself You can use only.
    * Payment of standing pictures of talent is not possible.

    * It is NG to use the secondary work created by a third party, such as obtained from SNS and website, without permission.
    * JEKI support advertising secretariat may not be able to submit an advertising design that does not fit the image.

    [Matters that you want to be described in the ad]

    ① At the time of design production, the following is an easy -to -read position, "© NEO-PORTEPlease enter the copyright notation.

    Specify that it is a cheering advertisement in the cheering advertisementplease.
    ➡Describes notes such as " * Support advertisement by fan volunteers"

    ・ By medium companyDesign ruleThere is. Please design with reference to the advertising design production manual.

    [Other precautions]
    ・ About design about support advertisingHerePlease refer to.

    ■ Precautions when raising funds

    Both those who collect money and those who pay for money should protect manners without difficulty.
    Please note that when collecting funds.

    ◎ Precautions when raising funds

    ・ In recruiting funds for support advertising, it is NG according to the provisions of the media to post specific advertising names and posting locations on SNS, crowdfunding, etc.
    ・ Minors will not be able to participate.

    ◎ Precautions regarding returns

    [Return when collecting funds (returned goods) OK]
    ・ Things that are completed in the cheering advertisement posted, such as listing the name in the support advertisement.
    ・ Sharing on the digital of the secondary creative illustration drawn for support advertising

    [Return when collecting funds (returned goods) NG]
    ・ Creating original goods

    * NG regardless of the use of official materials and secondary creative works.
    * Original goods include can badges, posters, and standby images.
    * Net printing number distribution is also NG. (NG related matters related to net prints, not limited to returns)

    We do not check the crowdfunding pages. We would like to thank the rules of the rights and each crowdfunding site at the responsibility of the organization.

    ■ Precautions when appreciating advertising

    If you can not protect it, it will also lead to removal during the posting period, so please follow the rules.

    ・ The place to post advertisements will be a public place, so please consider your surroundings.
    ① Stay for a long time before advertising
    ② Shooting using large accessories such as balloons

    • Watching and shooting in a group

    We will strictly refuse the acts that hinder traffic.

    Please refrain from contacting the station staff, such as confirming the posting location, thank you.

    ■ What kind of advertising are there?

    The JEKI support advertising secretariat "Cheering AD" site handles various advertisements throughout Japan. Please choose the advertisement you want to put out from the site.

    Supported advertisement Cheering AD | JEKI Co., Ltd. JR East Japan Planning

    The popular ranking of support advertising isHere
    How to applyHere

    * Please note that there may be an advertisement and some design restrictions that cannot be announced in the Osaka area.

    ■ Schedule until advertising

    If you would like to post a cheering ad, we will accept applications 4 months before the desired date. The application deadline is two months before posting.

    The flow to posting ads isHerePlease refer to.

    Also, the progress schedule for each monthHerePlease confirm.

    ■ Frequently asked questions

    ☆Questions regarding support advertising
    Q. Can I give support advertisements individually?
    Q. I want to give a cheering ad, but I don't know what to do
    Q. How much does it cost to advertise?

    I have summarized the "frequently asked questions" that you can send from everyone. Please refer to here!


    please Help pagePlease refer to it.

    * Please use the search function and ChatBot function!

    ☆Supported advertising cases, etc.
    "CHEERING AD Online" publishes cases of cheering advertising and interviews with other fan groups. HerePlease confirm.


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    The JEKI support advertising secretariat will support you!