Project Sekai colorful stage! feat. Hatsune Miku support advertising reception starts!


Procececa support advertisement_JEKI support advertising secretariat

Hello. It is JEKI support advertising secretariat "Cheering AD".

This time, support advertisements for "Project Sekai Colorful Stage! Feat. Hatsune Miku" have started!

Fans will be able to post ads to celebrate the birthday of Procececa characters and advertisements for the live celebration.

■ What is support advertising?

The support advertisement is "I want to advertise to celebrate that artist's birthday!" It is the main and advertisements to support the push.

Support advertisement

 It is a culture from Korean idol fans, and in Japan, it is performed in various methods, mainly on traffic advertisements and outdoor advertisements such as stations, trains, and billboards in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

For more information,HerePlease refer to the!


■ Support advertising regulations

Project Sekai colorful stage! feat. Hatsune Miku support advertising rules Please confirm and comply with it.

The JEKI Support Advertising Secretariat "Cheering AD" will be held for contacts related to support advertisements, such as permission to support advertisements and design judging from processeca.

We ask that you can enjoy support with peace of mind and follow the rules to avoid trouble.

[Supported advertising official support material]

Project Sekai colorful stage! feat. Hatsune Miku The official support materials available for support advertisements are as follows.

① Official illustration for character declaration materials
The official illustration will be sent only to the fans who wish to use.
* There are no virtual singer illustrations. If you use the official illustration, please contact us when ordering.

➁ "Procececa" official logo
The available official materials will be sent from the JEKI support advertising secretariat to those who have applied. Please refrain from using materials obtained from SNS or website.

The material given is prohibited other than support advertisements, including personal use (posting/making goods on SNS).

[Design precautions]

For support advertising, please put the official logo in an easy -to -read position.
The right notation is a font size that can be read (the posting position is recommended at the bottom lower right, but depending on the design of the support ad, the font size, color, posting position, etc. may be specified separately on the management side). please put it in.

・ Fan art written by fans can also be used.
Character costumes can only be used for "default costumes" or "3rd anniversary new visual costumes"Will be.

・ Cheering advertising can be usedOnly the combination of "Character alone" or "4 units (+Sekai virtual singer)"Will be.
Please note that only some of the units can be posted on characters that exceed the unit.
For more information,Project Sekai colorful stage! feat. Hatsune Miku support advertising rules Please confirm.


Procececa support advertisement 1
Procececa support advertisement 2
Procececa support advertisement 3

・ There are design rules depending on the media company. For other designs related to support advertisingHerePlease refer to.

* JEKI support advertising secretariat may not be able to submit an advertising design that does not fit the image. 

[Precautions when raising funds]

・ Return (returned goods) when collecting funds,It is forbidden to distribute physical goodsTo do.
・ In the return, you can set only a data earthlast or a name in the support advertisement.
・ If the name is returned, it is prohibited to post the handle name, name, and name that falls under the "prohibited act" of this regulation.

We hope that those who collect and invest in the funds will be able to work while keeping manners within a reasonable range.

■ What kind of advertising are there?

The "Cheering AD Online" site handles various advertisements throughout Japan.

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The popular ranking of support advertising isHere
How to applyHere

■ Schedule until advertising

If you would like to post a cheering ad, we will accept applications 4 months before the desired date. The application deadline is two months before posting.

The flow to posting ads isHerePlease refer to.

■ Frequently asked questions

☆Questions regarding support advertising

We have a help page that summarizes the "frequently asked questions" to be sent from everyone. please Help pagePlease refer to it.

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* Please use the search function and ChatBot function!

☆Supported advertising cases, etc.
"CHEERING AD Online" publishes cases of cheering advertising and interviews with other fan groups. HerePlease confirm.

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The JEKI support advertising secretariat will support you!