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[Sankei Sports (Sanspo)] 5 -stage color pure advertisement (Tokyo version + Osaka version)

[Sankei Sports (Sanspo)] 5 -stage color pure advertisement (Tokyo version + Osaka version)

Regular price ¥200,000 (税別)
Regular price (税別)Sale price ¥200,000 (税別)
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* When posting support advertisements, permission from the rights, such as affiliated offices, is essential.
* Please note that it is not always possible to post it depending on the availability of the advertising.
  One day
Price (excluding tax)
500,000 yen
start date
at any time
All 5 -stage color (Tenchi 170㎜ x left and right 380㎜)
Other precautions
Design production will occur separately.

About this advertising slot

Sanspo campaign support advertising special price!
* Campaigns may end without notice.
* It can be posted within 3 weeks to 2 months after the application.
Sanspo contains a variety of sports information that plays an active part in Japanese, such as professional baseball centered on Tokyo Yakult Swallows and Yokohama DeNA Baystars, rugby, golf, and major leagues. In addition, entertainment information is also substantial, such as developing paper special features, and distributing extra items when publishing movies.

Detailed information

Surface number
One surface

All 5 -stage color (Tenchi 170㎜ x left and right 380㎜)

Other precautions
・ Advertising charges may be revised. Please check at the time of application.
・ No postponement or cancellation after the application deadline cannot be accepted.
・ All responsibility for the contents of the advertisements posted shall be by the advertiser.
・ Those who slander others, defamation, infringement of privacy, those that make false proud expressions, those that deviate from sensibility, and other things that we have judged to be inappropriate can not be posted.

About posting

Way of delivering
・ Outline the font, embed the placement images, and use it as a complete data (EPS format) that summarizes one file.

Delivery date
* About 2 weeks before the release date is the deadline for the manuscript.
* If you cannot submit it by the deadline, it cannot be posted.
* The same is true even if the manuscript deadline is not in time due to correction due to deficiencies. Please note.
* The destination of the submitted data and the submission method will be informed at the time of application.

Long until posting

  1. First, apply
    Please put your desired advertisement in the cart from this page.
  2. Confirmation of permission to affiliated office
    To affiliated offices will be allowed to post advertisements and permit image use.
  3. Confirmation of vacant frame status
    Check the latest vacant frame status.
  4. Payment → Secure advertising slots
    Please pay the advertising fee.
  5. Design screening
    You will need to judge the advertising content. Please send the completed version of the design.
  6. Delivery of advertisements
    Please deliver advertisements by the specified date.
  7. Posting
    A cheering ad will be posted.
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