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JR East "STA!" [ILIFE! Supported advertisement★By member★] JR Yamanote Line Shibuya B1 Poster

JR East "STA!" [ILIFE! Supported advertisement★By member★] JR Yamanote Line Shibuya B1 Poster

Regular price ¥10,000 (税別)
Regular price (税別)Sale price ¥10,000 (税別)
Sale Sold out
* When posting support advertisements, permission from the rights, such as affiliated offices, is essential.
* Please note that it is not always possible to post it depending on the availability of the advertising.
2024 Thursday, June 13th -June 19th (Wednesday)
Price (excluding tax)
10,000 yen (excluding tax) / per unit
start date
August 6, 2024 (Tuesday) -As Monday, 2024 (Monday / holiday)
B0 Vertical 1030 x Horizontal 1456 (mm)
Inside the JR Keiyo Line Kaihin Makuhari Station ticket gate
There is no need to confirm to affiliated offices and rights.

About this advertising slot

August 12 (Monday / holiday) according to the one -man live "LIVE YOUR LIFE!" At Makuhari Messe
JR East supports ILIFE!

★The name (nickname) of all the purchased eyelighers will be posted on the poster with the joint name.

★In addition, if you purchase two or more, you will have multiple names (nicknames) in the same size.

★Let's excite the one -man live together!

Detailed information

Surface number
1 to 3

Size / specifications
B0 Vertical 1030 x Horizontal 1456 (mm)

Collaboration artist
HEROINES Nine Ilife!

Minimum number of lines
● Orchestra

Other precautions

・ The name (nickname) of the purchased person will be posted on the poster. Please enter your name (nickname) within 10 full -width characters (half -width characters) at the time of application.
* Your name (nickname) cannot be changed in principle.

・ If you purchase 2 or more at a time, multiple names (nicknames) will be posted in the same size.

・ When purchasingAccount creationI will. For the required items in the form, you need to enter some text in all items.Even if the required items other than the representative (surname / name) are unknown, there is no problem if you enter the temporary contents.

For "group email address", please enter your own email dress (personal email address). It will not be posted in the advertisement.

・ Payment method is only credit card.

・ After posting the poster, we will send an image of the poster that all who responded to the questionnaire participated. 

[Minimum number of spaces] ● Mouth

[Application deadline] Until 23:59 on Monday, July 15 (Monday / holiday)

[Sponsored] JR East Japan

About posting

[About cancellation]
・ We do not accept cancellations, changes, or refunds due to customer's convenience.
・ Please note that we cannot respond to cancellation after purchase.
・ If the minimum number of exits does not reach, it will be automatically canceled and will be refunded.

[Precautions at the time of implementation]
・ The posted photo is an image.
・ You can purchase as many as you want, but please note that only one name (nickname) posted on the poster will be only one per poster.
・ Your name (nickname) cannot be changed in principle. Please check your name (nickname) carefully when purchasing.
・ If you decide that the name (nickname) to be published contains inappropriate expressions, we will contact you.
* The full name (real name) full name or SNS ID is not possible.
・ Please take care not to bother the people around you when taking a photo.
・ If the event is canceled due to unavoidable circumstances, we will contact you after contacting us.
・ Inquiries about this project are "STA! Management secretariat do so. Please refrain from inquiry to Imaginate, station employee.
・ For those who purchase, we will send a "information email" with the details of the location, etc. at the prospect of the posting date 3 days before the start date.

About the email to send

・ If the implementation is decided, we will contact you by email.
・ Regarding this purchase, we will send it after the purchase is completed, the "purchase completion email", the "implementation decision email" that will be sent when the minimum number of exits is reached, and the poster posting will be sent three days before the start date of posting. We will send three "information emails" before posting the poster.
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