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HISAYA CENTRAL VISION 1 day 90,000 yen course

HISAYA CENTRAL VISION 1 day 90,000 yen course

Regular price ¥90,000 (税別)
Regular price (税別)Sale price ¥90,000 (税別)
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* When posting support advertisements, permission from the rights, such as affiliated offices, is essential.
* Please note that it is not always possible to post it depending on the availability of the advertising.
1 day
Price (excluding tax)
90,000 yen
start date
at any time
W: 5,760mm x H4,800mm
3-16-10 Nishiki, Naka -ku, Nagoya -shi, Aichi
Other precautions
Video production will occur separately.

About this advertising slot

・ A large signage in Hisaya-ODORI PARK, which is adjacent to Meitetsu Sakaemachi Station and Subway Sakae Station and Central Park.
It creates a high advertising effect with the strong expressiveness and excellent visibility of videos for 286 square meters.

Detailed information

Surface number
One surface

W: 5,760mm x H4,800mm

Other precautions
・ Broadcast time 9: 00-22: 00
* The minimum number of broadcasts is 90 % operating
* CM material is no voice.
The following items cannot be posted. Please note.
・ Those that are contrary to public order and morals, those that give uncomfortable passers and the public, and are recognized as not being posted in social wisdom.
・ Others recognize that the media is inappropriate.

About posting

Way of delivering
■ Video
Data format .mp4
Codec MPEG4 VIDEO (H264) Main Profile L4.1
Size horizontal length 1920x1080px (16: 9)
Bit rate up to 5Mbps / CBR (fixed bit rate) mode
Frame rate 30fps or 29.97fps
Audio format AAC LC 192Kbps, 44kHz, STEREO
* Regional information including news has audio
◆ Central Vision partial voice NG
* The place with the audio is under adjustment.
* Advertising audio may be difficult to hear depending on the congestion situation.
* Average loudness value -24.0 ± 1 LKFS

■ Still image
Data format.jpg (JPEG format)
Color mode RGB/24bit color
Size horizontal length 1920x1080px (16: 9)
Maximum file capacity 1Mbyte

Delivery date
Please submit it at least 7 business days of the broadcast start date.
File: Still image (JPG) or video (WMV / MP5)
* If you cannot submit it by the deadline, the broadcast period will be shorter. Please note that it is not possible to reduce the amount of daily discounts.
* The same is true even if it is not in time for the broadcast due to deformed data. Please note.
* The expiration date may be changed for holidays and year -end and New Year holidays. Please contact us for details.
* The destination of the submitted data and the submission method will be informed at the time of application.

Long until posting

  1. First, apply
    Please put your desired advertisement in the cart from this page.
  2. Confirmation of permission to affiliated office
    To affiliated offices will be allowed to post advertisements and permit image use.
  3. Confirmation of vacant frame status
    Check the latest vacant frame status.
  4. Payment → Secure advertising slots
    Please pay the advertising fee.
  5. Design screening
    You will need to judge the advertising content. Please send the completed version of the design.
  6. Delivery of advertisements
    Please deliver advertisements by the specified date.
  7. Posting
    A cheering ad will be posted.
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