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Shinagawa Prince Hotel "Progressive" Support Advertising Stage Backboard

Shinagawa Prince Hotel "Progressive" Support Advertising Stage Backboard

Regular price ¥442,400 (税別)
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* When posting support advertisements, permission from the rights, such as affiliated offices, is essential.
* Please note that it is not always possible to post it depending on the availability of the advertising.
7 days
Price (excluding tax)
373,200-720,800 yen
start date
at any time
Stage backboard A: Tarpolin curtain (W4770 x H1840)
Stage backboard B / C: Tarpolin curtain (W3420 x H1840) 2 sheets each
4-10-30 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Other precautions
Design production will occur separately.

About this advertising slot

It is possible to post advertisements on the Shinagawa Prince Hotel site, which has the largest number of guest rooms in Japan and various entertainment facilities.

Detailed information

・ 1 to 3 sides of the surface
・ Stage backboard A: W4770 × H1840 (10㎡)
Stage backboard B / C: W3420 x H1840 (7㎡)
* The size is the finished dimension, the submitted DATA should be extended by about 50mm.
Reinforced tape and eyelet processing are applied around the curtain, so please put the letters and logo inward from the surrounding 40mm.

・ Include the following in the cost.
 Stage backboard A turpolin curtain production expenses: 68,400 yen (excluding tax)
Stage backboard B / CTarpolin production expenses: 49,200 yen each (excluding tax)
Stage backboard A / B / C Tarpolin curtain production expenses: 166,800 yen (excluding tax)
Production, installation, removal, transportation expenses 204,000 yen (excluding tax)

■ About content standards
If the content of the advertisement falls under any of the following items, this will not be posted in principle.
・ Something against public order or good customs. Or something that impairs faith.
・ Those that violate the fair competition rules and voluntary regulations specified in each industry and industry.
・ Those that cause human rights violations, discrimination, and defamation.
・ It is not appropriate from the viewpoint of youth protection and consumer damage.
・ Those that may cause health damage to passers.
・ Things related to religion, thought, and politics.
・ In addition, when Shinagawa Prince Hotel is not suitable.

■ About visuals, expressions, event standards
When it comes to any of the following items regarding the visual expression of general advertising, this is not posted in principle.
・ The content is contrary to public order and morals, which does not impair the dignity and aesthetics of the public space, and worsen the environment.
・ The responsibilities of the advertisement are not clear.
・ A one of the largest expressions (hype advertisements) or an expression (unjust display) that intentionally invites misunderstandings.
・ Promision of effectiveness, indication of specific amounts that have not been determined, etc. are indicated without supporting.
・ Positive, suggestions, assistance, beautification and social order may disturb violence and crime.
-At ugly, cruel, bizarre expressions causing discomfort and fear.
・ Unreasonably discriminated against races, ethnic groups, nationalities, hometowns, gender, physical characteristics, illness, occupation, circumstances, and thoughts.
・ It is judged that specific political parties, thought organizations, religions and sect, advertising of opinions, and that they defend them and lack a neutral position.
・ Extreme expression, sexual harassment, and reminds of that.
・ Those who impair basic human rights due to slander, infringement of human rights, defamation, and privacy infringement.
・ Things that hinder healthy development from the protection of children and youth. A description of the information of specific individuals to be protected.
・ When PR of gambling with expression that inspires gambling is performed.
・ In the case where the building and equipment may be damaged or lost, the dangerous goods and those who cannot confirm safety are used and displayed.
・ Making exhibition using combustible materials.

■ Others
・ When there is a possibility that visits and dangers may be confused or dangerous in the store in the facility.
・ A cancellation order was issued by the relevant ministries and agencies.
・ Applications for advertising and false descriptions in each document.
・ When the rules of use and the administrator do not follow the instructions.
・ When the applicant or user is found to be an anti -social forces, including gangsters, or an anti -social forces.
・ When the pre -screening of the advertisement and event content is not performed on the specified schedule.

■ About industries that can not be posted
It is not possible to post the next industrial type.
・ Hotel business, money lending industry (consumer finance, etc.), customs business, dating site, pachinko, public gambling, ski slopes, corporate cards, and other Shinagawa Prince Hotels are inappropriate.

Submission specifications
Data submission

Submitting deadline
* Posting 15 If the data is sent to us or submitted, it cannot be posted.
* The same is true even if it is not in time due to correction due to inadequate data. Please note.
* The destination of the submitted data and the submission method will be informed at the time of application.

Long until posting

  1. First, apply
    Please put your desired advertisement in the cart from this page.
  2. Confirmation of permission to affiliated office
    To affiliated offices will be allowed to post advertisements and permit image use.
  3. Confirmation of vacant frame status
    Check the latest vacant frame status.
  4. Payment → Secure advertising slots
    Please pay the advertising fee.
  5. Design screening
    You will need to judge the advertising content. Please send the completed version of the design.
  6. Delivery of advertisements
    Please deliver advertisements by the specified date.
  7. Posting
    A cheering ad will be posted.
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