A must -see for those who want to release support! Advice from experienced people [Design -Printing]



Hello! JEKI support advertising secretariat☄

This is the second advice from experienced people who posted support advertisements!

This time, we will introduce advice after application, such as design production and printing.

■ Let's check the precautions in advance!

"Let's look at the frequently asked questions on Cheeringad's website."


"If you don't know anyway, you should check it."There were overwhelming advice.

Cheering advertisements have rules depending on where they are issued.
To "Frequently Asked Questions"Each medium ruleIs listed, so please take a look!

■ Let others see the final check of the design!

"The completed design should be confirmed by a third party (such as friends who are not interested)."
There are plenty of points to check for support advertising design.
There are so many voices that it is difficult for one organizer.

It is often the case that the final check etc. can be missed because they are looking at the design many times.
simpleAsk a friend who is close to double checking aloneIs recommended.

There is also a check sheet that summarizes points that are easy to make mistakes, so please use it.☺


■ If you are uneasy, you can leave it to you!

"This was the first time this time, so I used a plan easily. I was able to post it easily, so I think it is highly recommended for those who want to do it as easy as possible."
AsEasy planWe also received advice to recommend!

I don't want to fail in design and printing! It's a plan created for that person, so I'm glad to say that it was easy to do ◎.
"I have a picture, but there is no software that can be designed on a personal computer ..." is a plan that I would like to use for.

➡Easy plan detailsHere

Regarding printing

When the design is completed, the print data is submitted!

Printing can be done by the customer and delivering the posters, but there are many opinions that it is recommended to leave it to Cheering AD for the first time ◎.

"I did not know the order of printing myself and left it to Cheering AD, but it was very helpful, so it is recommended to leave it to you."

In addition, such opinions.
"It is better to check it in advance so that you can grasp the print without leaving it to the designer."
The print data is submitted as it is from the illustrator designer! There are many people.

If you don't make your own data, you have a little knowledge, and you'll be able to respond yourself when you have any trouble, or you'll lose mistakes such as forgetting to tell the necessary items when you make a request.

The precautions about printing and design are what you need to knowThis articleWe are summarizing in!



Of course, not only printing data, but also what you need for cheering advertising, including points you do not work, it is recommended that you can afford it in advance to check in advance!

There are also advice on schedules and members recruitment!

In the previous article,
✅How long should I start until the implementation?
✅What are the points to note when asking a painter?
✅What to decide in advance as a group member?
The main story before the support advertising production was made.

The previous article isHerefrom!


And finally, I want to support the push! The courage to act carefully with that feeling! !

"Please grab the fragment of the courage to take one step. The image that will be pleased will surely push your back."
I also received a wonderful advice✨

When I want to convey my thoughts to the recommendation, it is when supporting advertisements.
I would be glad if Cheering AD would be able to help you with support advertisements that have a feeling of support for you.♪

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This time, the actual support ads of those who have given the advice of the support advertisement are reposts as an example of posting on X (Twitter)!

Please refer to this as well.
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