[2024 latest version] What is a support advertisement (Senil advertising)?




Do you know "support ads"?

"Cheering advertisement" is not a company"The fans"New support method that issues advertisements to celebrate "birthdays of pushing" and "anniversary"That's it.

For those who say "I knew support advertisements for the first time" and "How can I get it?"✨

■ I can understand in 30 seconds! Cheering advertisement!

First, see the video here!

 One of the old ones is that it is a culture that is close to writing a fan with a fan, sending it to the push, a banner of the game venue, an event, and a celebration flower.

"Cheering advertisement" can appeal to the appeal of the "advertisement"! Fans can go from planning to when and where to advertise to the purpose of the purpose, from when and where to advertise! 


Cheering advertisement is the first culture of Korea!

In Korea, support advertising = one of the main methods to support idols.Senil advertising(Senil is the meaning of birthday in Korean) is often chosen!

Speaking of advertising, many people think that companies are issued by new products promotion. Although it was data a few years ago, it is said that about 30 % of South Subway advertisements were Senil advertisements. I am.

In Japan, since around 2019, the landing of Korean idol audition programs has spread, and now there is a support advertisement somewhere every week!

In CHEERING AD, not only idols, but also vtuber, actors, bands, sports, animation works, smartphone games, comedians! We have supported fans who want to support various pushes✨

Supported ads to commemorate the last episode of the drama ...!


■ Where can you get support ads?


[At the station! ] Cheering advertisements are available on the station every week!

The most common thing is the support advertisement at the station.
The station is a popular advertisement because it is easy to get to know the push because it is used by various people.

Ikebukuro is lined with cheering advertisements every week! The scenery has become everyday.

Not only posters but also the large signs of the station can give support advertisements! !
It's so big even if the fans are lined up✨

Cheering advertisements to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the broadcast of anime works have been posted in 10 locations nationwide!


[In the city! ] Large vision!

You can play support advertisements in large visions in the city, including the Cross Shinjuku Vision, which is famous for the "Shinjuku Cat"!

[Near the venue! ] Celebration of live and events!

In addition to birthdays and anniversary, there are fans who support stations and venues at stations and venues near the venue to celebrate the event.

At the nearest station of the live house, Zepp Haneda, a total of seven fans organizations posted a support advertisement for celebrating tours! I feel increased by going to the live venue♪

Celebrate the first dome performance with a huge vision! The moment of excitement was shared by everyone.

Here, a support advertisement is posted on a group that works for Tokyo Dome with a large vision near Tokyo Dome!
I'm glad that the members are happy to come to see me.✨
"A lot of fans are supporting you!"Is also the charm of support advertising!


[Events too! ? ] Events will be held with all the fans!

There is also a support event (Senil event) held at cafes and florists.

Cup holder event at a cafe


Wrapping event at a flower shop


■ I can understand in about 90 seconds! How to put out a cheering advertisement!

 Please see the video here!


Supporting advertisements = artists, idols, VTuber, players, etc. have portrait rights and copyrights,Advertising without permission is NGis.

Cheering advertisements are first obtained in the office and suppresses the advertising slot that you want to get to the station or large vision.
We support fans, "How do you contact the office?"Cheering ADis✨

Please leave the office confirmation and difficult exchanges with the station / media company!

If you want to actually do cheering advertising, please check the detailed flow of the support advertisement here!

📅Flow to posting ads
📅Specific schedule(Accepted until the posting of August 2024)


■ I want to know more about how to release support advertisements!

We also introduce detailed procedures and advice articles from experienced people.✨

How to put out a cheering advertisement? The flow to the post was set up!

Experienced advice [schedule / member]

Experienced advice [Design / Printing]

Cheering AD is composed of members who like entertainment, the same as you!
The best pleasure is that fans who give support advertisements, the artists and the office of the office will be pleased.✨
Please consult Cheering AD for your first support advertising!